Breaking “Rule 24”: Dust Bunnies

What’s this about dust bunnies? Rule #24 says you shouldn’t “post pictures of the dust bunnies under your bed. Unless you mount them on colored paper, immortalize them on digital media, Photoshop them, and call them ‘art.’ You see what I did, there? I broke the rule before I made the rule.

I had already created this little e-card gem on, and later used it on one of my first Facebook pages:


Technically, this isn’t really breaking the rule. It’s dryer lint.

@Prunebutt1 thinks maybe it’s his cousin.



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2 thoughts on “Breaking “Rule 24”: Dust Bunnies”

    1. Well, I don’t know – no. I assume that given all the other crap they build nests out of, the answer is probably “Not too terribly bad, no.” But you might ask a wildlife rehabber.

      Dryer lint makes good fire-starters if mixed with melted paraffin from old candles. It can also be used as part of the pulp (fiber content) in handmade paper. Think about it – it’s clean! Most of it comes from freshly washed towels.

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