Brrr, Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Houston weather is just a mass of contradictions. One minute, it’s near 70 degrees – the next (quite literally) it’s hovering near freezing. It rarely gets to freezing, let alone below, but we’re setting records this week. As one of her new year’s resolutions, my friend Alice has sworn off stating the obvious. Someone suggested posting a pic of the temperature gauge on the car, but that’s so – summer of 2013! I thought I’d share the view from my back porch, this morning, instead.

Brrr, Baby, it's cold outside!

I was reminiscing, last night – last time it got this cold in Houston, I had just gotten settled back at home after breast cancer surgery, in early February 2011. My husband was traveling on business, so he missed the fun. We were well stocked for food. My friend Kathy checked on us daily. Then we got iced in – which was fine, too. Neither my son nor I could drive, anyway. Classes were canceled, so I had his company all day. I felt very safe, as I had requested a periodic email/telephone welfare check from our local VFD (and CERT buddies!) and knew they could give us a lift to the station if we lost our heating or had any other problems. We had rolling blackouts during the worst of it, and made contingency plans to camp out in the living room in a tent, with a huge pile of blankets, should we lose power and heat. We didn’t have to resort to such drastic measures! It was kind of an adventure.

Today, at least, it’s cold and dry. The sun’s shining brightly and it’s supposed to warm up again, soon.

WP_20140107_010  WP_20140107_008

The really good news? We’re not in Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, or Atlanta! These are normal winter temps for us former northerners, so it’s hard to see what the fuss is about until  you watch the news and see just how dire things are up there right now. “Arctic Vortex” does sound a bit melodramatic, until you watch Coast Guard icebreakers saying the conditions are too dangerous to move essential supplies across the Great Lakes near dark.

purple-hatAnyway, all that inspired me to make a hat.

Yes, I made a matching hat for the purple sweater. It’s very soft and warm. So warm that today may be the only day I’ll ever get to wear both at the same time, as long as I live here in the tropics. Unless we get another Blasted Arctic Vortexipocalypse in February.

It could happen.



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6 thoughts on “Brrr, Baby, It’s Cold Outside!”

  1. Of course hat and sweater are purple, what other color could they be?

    Personally, I don’t think we can stand much more “global warming.” I need to be doing so many things to prepare to be gone for surgery and rehab, and I’m house bound because of the cold temperatures, freezing air triggers bad asthma attacks.

    Enjoy your pretty, comfy hat and sweater while you can. You look good in the hat.

    1. You scoff, but the cold wave is a result of massive melt off of arctic ice. A better term is “climate change,” and it should be clear that’s what’s going on. Accelerated by us, but with us or without us, it’s going to continue. We do need to figure out how to cope. It may be too late to reverse or halt things, but I’m not ready to deal with sub-zero temps in winter and 140 F temps in summer, are you?

      And thanks – I really did make the hat last night. Should’ve been sleeping. I predict a hard crash shortly after dinnertime!
      HollyJahangiri recently posted…ConsistencyMy Profile

  2. I think its definitely about time we do something about this climate change thing. I also agree with you about it being accelerated by us. Information is what all of us need right now, and probably some warnings of what will happen.

    1. How do we get people to listen to warnings when they’re defensive because they think they – personally – or their livelihoods are being blamed? How do we get them to cooperate and see that working towards a better future (note that I don’t say “stopping global warming,” because I don’t think that’s realistic) is in their best interests, too? I think a lot of it is too far in the future or too overwhelming for many people. And I think a lot of the little things we do as individuals can’t have much effect unless we all do them, though any effort is good.
      HollyJahangiri recently posted…We All See the World Through Our Own Set of LensesMy Profile

  3. Love the hat! I’m from New Orleans, native, so this is crazy cold weather for me and my family. But I get where you are coming from… it being typical for northerners. New Orleans is back and forth like Texas… I call it “doctor weather” and we never put up the short sleeves during winter time, because we can still wear short sleeves “between the cold fronts” if they reach us.
    Aleta recently posted…Cancel ThatMy Profile

    1. Thanks! Yes, we’re practically neighbors! This time of year can be hard – you get up and pull a turtleneck out of the deep recesses of a closet, only to need the short sleeves by afternoon. Layers, baby…layers.

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