Cherry’s Boo-Boo: Fixed with Chipex!

Last year, I had the opportunity to review a product called Chipex. My first thought was, “Sounds great, but I’d have to scratch the sweet paint job on my own car to try it out, so, no.” I guess I was meant to review Chipex, because a few months later, I came out of the office and saw this:


Seriously, who does this to someone and doesn’t leave a note?

Had I lost out on my opportunity? Would Chipex be able to fix this? Would I have to take poor Cherry in for some body work?

I lucked out. The good folks at Chipex were still willing to let me try their product. Now, to figure out what color I needed – Chipex has a “100% color-match guarantee,” and provides instructions on where to find your car’s paint color. Who knew there were so many different shades of “Basque red”? Or that I would not find the label where the label where it was supposed to be!? Never mind; my Honda dealership checked their records and verified for me exactly which color to choose.

When the kit arrived, it looked like this:


Chipex thought of everything, including the gloves! It looks daunting – I mean, in the past, I’ve had dealers hand me a small bottle of touch-up paint with a little brush that looked like nail polish. This is professional-level stuff! Ladies, if you’ve ever colored your own hair, this is similar, but takes less time – in fact, it takes less time than applying a coat of nail polish and dries in about 1/20th of the time.

First, wash the car:

20170205_162829 20170205_162902 20170205_162819

Next, glove up. The gloves are included, and they’re decent quality – not those cheap gloves that split at the seams and last through only one use.

Using a Microbrush® (several are included; they look like a skinny Q-tips) to apply a small dab of paint to the damaged areas. Give the paint just 1-5 minutes to dry to the touch, then apply the blending solution to the paper cloth and gently wipe flat. Finally, when that’s dry, apply a bit of the polish, let dry, and buff gently with the microfiber cloth, The instructions are included in the kit and very easy to follow.

Here’s that same spot, about 10 minutes after I started:


I’m set for a while; the kit includes plenty of material for touch-ups and larger “road rash” repairs. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, especially since this is the first time I’ve ever applied any paint to a car. It’s the sort of thing I’d normally leave to the pros, at many times the cost.

I’ll be reviewing the Screenwash at a later date. I’m looking forward to it! Should be able to do that around the time the rains usually hit, here in Houston, in the spring. Do we get rain, here in Houston? Why yes – yes, we do:

I received my kit around the time I had my last oil change, and while the directions for filling the reservoir are clear enough, I have no idea how to drain the thing, other than to use it!  I’m not siphoning it out just to fill it back up again. (For some reason, that brings to mind horrible jokes about siphoning the wrong tank from an RV.) But here’s a video that demonstrates how well it works:

And another reviewer did a great demo, here (I suppose he didn’t want to siphon the reservoir, either – but the results are impressive):

For now, I’m just going to leave you with this chance to win a kit for yourself and give Chipex a try:


Win a Chipex Bundle #52

We recently had my son’s car repaired similarly to what I just showed you here. It was several hundred dollars at the body shop. Slightly larger area, slightly more professional result than I’m capable of achieving on the first try (without a bit more practice!). But $80 vs. hundreds? No contest. I definitely recommend getting a Chipex kit, perfectly color-matched to your car’s paint job, and giving this a go, first.


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7 thoughts on “Cherry’s Boo-Boo: Fixed with Chipex!”

    1. It was so funny; my first thought, on seeing that in the parking garage, was anger at whoever did that and didn’t leave a note. This was at work, so it’s about a 99% probability it’s a coworker driving a white car. I’m tempted to find one with red paint streaks on the fender and leave a snotty note on theirs, but life’s too short to bother. And that thought was IMMEDIATELY followed by, “Hey, maybe I was MEANT to review Chipex!” LOL I was SURE the opportunity had closed, but no – it hadn’t! I was so excited to get to try it without keying my own car! 😀 (You know you’re addicted to blogging when thoughts like that even flit through your mind… and the funny thing is how few product reviews I ever write. They have to be for things I’d ever want to try in the first place, and from companies willing to take their chances with a completely honest, most likely silly, review. One hopes they’ve read my privacy/terms of service page. 😉 Read it sometime, for “why I don’t review free houses.”)

      1. Holly, True Confessions! So funny. Here’s mine:

        When I was younger I would never think of doing mean things like that, to get people back. But I hear so much about people getting revenge, people doing mean-spirited things and covering them up, that the thought now occurs to me how to get away with them!! But absolutely. It’s not right and like you said, LIFE IS TOO SHORT to spend trying to find the car that scratched yours. And the delight of writing a snotty note. I used to leave snotty notes if somebody didn’t park right and left their car halfway out int he street. Then I got a snotty note that I had parked in front of somebody’s driveway. I absolutely did not realize it because of the way the sidewalk was paved. But no more snotty notes!! Absolutely you were given the solution, and the answer, and the driver will have to deal with what he did on his own.

        Beward your car and other objects of possession as you pursue these reviews!!! You might start getting paranoid!!
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      2. 🙂 Yes, and I do believe in Karma, or at least a universe with a sense of humor and poetic justice.

        I’m well aware, as I’m driving and muttering “A**holes!” under my breath, some days, that other days, I AM someone else’s “a**hole.” I’m also cognizant of the fact that my son, with his newly minted driver’s license, tries very hard not to do any of the things that trigger me to mutter it – even when I’m not in the car. Poor child’s heard it way too often, and cares what I think of him. I have to reassure him it’s just my way of releasing pent-up anxiety on the road, and I’ll not remember a single one of those people tomorrow. Certainly not as “a**holes.” (I still remember my daughter informing me I’d muttered it about her third grade teacher – who had just cut me off on a busy street, mind you. My only defense, at the time, was, “Well, if she’s going to DRIVE like one…” but of course it was a lesson in diplomacy and not repeating what one hears come out of mommy’s mouth in private. LOL

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