Cherry’s “Joyride” Playlist

Let’s see if I can share some summer joyride music with you – you may need a Spotify account to play these tunes from the widget, but it’s free:

This is the collaborative playlist my friends on Facebook helped me build, shortly after I got my new car, Cherry. Hope you enjoy the cheerful silliness of it! Did we miss any?

Feel free to suggest additions, in the comments below. But here are the criteria:

  • 1957 – 1964 preferred (will make exceptions, but good luck finding ones that fit)
  • Nothing overly mushy or sexy.
  • Nothing that glorifies drugs.
  • Nothing heavy or tragic – none of those awful car wreck, star-crossed lovers songs.
  • Must have a catchy, upbeat tune.
  • Lyrics can be silly (obviously) – silly is good.




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3 thoughts on “Cherry’s “Joyride” Playlist”

  1. Failing to put in California Girls by The Beach Boys, would be an Offense. Then, there is the Peter Gunn theme, which may be a little late era wise. And of course, Gilligan’s Isle. (Which applies to all our lives.) There is also the Lawrence Welk Theme. And for Madame Cerise, that suave, sophisticated, debonair, skilled and talented Spy… Might I suggest the original Bond Theme, The Theme from Man From Uncle, and I Spy. And that is all I can think of at the moment.

  2. I had a terrible time with the last update, (site kept crashing), so I’m afraid to do it again so soon. Will probably wait awhile. LOL
    Cool name for your new car! 🙂 Out of that list, # 4 would be my favourite. Sadly, Spotify STILL isn’t available in Canada.
    Few more suggestions:
    The Game of Love
    Snoopy vs The Red Baron
    Louis Louis
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