Facebook Friends Unable to Share Posts

Since April or May, my Facebook friends have reported being unable to share posts from my personal profile to theirs.  At first glance, it makes sense: My default privacy setting is Friends of Friends. My Public posts – if I remember to change them to Public, after posting – are shareable. But when I visit other friends’ pages, I see a Share link on their Friends or Friends of Friends posts.

Did you know that you are able to view your page as others see it? This is a handy way to see if your privacy settings are working as you intended them to work:



  1. Click the Privacy icon.
  2. Click Who can see my stuff?
  3. Click View As

Here’s what mine looks like when I View As Public:


You can see all my cover images, my profile pic, and one random image of a salad, shared from my Windows Phone. Okay, it’s not entirely random, but I don’t recall changing its privacy settings, and I’m not seeing other images shared from the same cell phone, same app, at the same time. (Normally, the privacy settings within the app will control the privacy of what’s shared; if there are none set within the app, then your default settings on Facebook will control the privacy of what’s shared.) So, all of that is as expected – more or less – and all of these image posts have a Share link.

Next, I’ll View As one of my friends:


Notice that for news items shared or text only posts I’ve made, there is no Share link. The privacy settings on these is Friends of Friends, meaning my friends ought to be able to share them to their walls – and their friends ought to be able to see them there, or on my wall.

Oddly enough, if I share an image – with or without text – and without changing my default privacy settings at all, there’s a Share link:


I have reported this problem three times since early May:

Dear Friends, thanks for letting me know that my statuses can’t be Shared here unless they are Public. I have reported…

Posted by Holly Jahangiri on Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

Your thingy is broken. And I’m baffled. I do not want to change my default privacy settings. I do, however, want Friends to be able to share my posts on their own walls without having to ask me to change the setting to Public. Your helpers aren’t helping (as you can see from my Embedded Post, above). Any ideas?


Watch the Ello folks drop by to remind me to use my account over there. And I just might have to start…


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