Facebook Gets It Right: Keep Original Post

One of the frustrating things about sharing a post on Facebook is thinking that you are sharing a friend’s commentary about a link they shared to their page, only to find that all your version of the shared post contains is the link itself, without your friend’s commentary on it. It appears that Facebook has finally realized that this is not quite what friends have in mind when they want to share a post – and they have added a checkbox – Include Original Post – that lets you choose what to share. Check the box if you want to share the commentary along with the link:


Uncheck it if you just want to share the link. Add your own thoughts, choose an appropriate audience, then click Post.


Notice the little via [original poster’s name] that appears when you uncheck the box? That does absolutely nothing. You can leave it or click remove, but you’ll get exactly the same result. It would be nice if Facebook re-implemented this little bit of code, and this is a tantalizing hint that maybe they have plans to do so, but right now it doesn’t do one lousy little thing.

Anyway, here’s the result – shown both ways:


Note that if you add commentary of your own, at this point, the next share will only have the option to keep the original poster’s commentary – not yours. But you can share from the original link, and add your commentary, and it will then treat your post as an original and give your friends the option to share whatever it was you said about the link.

Have fun, and see also: How Posting and Sharing Work on Facebook (this somewhat alters what I said there, but most of it still holds true).


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10 thoughts on “Facebook Gets It Right: Keep Original Post”

    1. When I searched the name of the checkbox last night, there were around 3000 results; it appears they began rolling it out in the late fall. I wasn’t one of the first, but in Internet terms, first 5000 to notice and write about it isn’t too shabby! 😀

      1. I still can’t find the check box or even see it on this explanation. What’s it look like?

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