Grow Old with J.J.

It’s the only thing I can think of, starting with the letter J. Oh, sure – there’s “jump out of a perfectly good airplane” or “jump from a bridge, into an icy river.” If I liked that feeling of freefall more, maybe. But no. Spend a night in “jail”? Three hots and a cot and a girlfriend named Bertha? No, I think not. “Jousting,” anyone? (That might actually go on the bottom of the list, but I’d probably duck out at the last minute.) Make homemade “jam”? Nah. All thoughts lead back to the man I married, 31 years ago. It was the smartest decision I’ve ever made in my life. Keeping him in my life, to my dying breath – that’s #1 on my bucket list.



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15 thoughts on “Grow Old with J.J.”

  1. I consider myself a tough woman but I wouldn’t last 5 minutes in jail. No jousting for me, I’ve never been on a horse. Base jumping off a bridge might be fun.

    Growing old with someone is at the top of my bucket list for sure. You and JJ are really sweet. 🙂
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