Help Right a Shameful Wrong: Restore National Guard Re-Enlistment Bonuses

Help right a shameful wrong. As a citizen of this country, I’m ashamed that our government is asking its servicemen and women to repay what it terms “excessive” re-enlistment bonuses promised to National Guardsmen to get them to re-enlist and serve overseas in U.S. combat operations. We honor our contracts. We honor our young men and women who serve. We punish wrongdoers, not those who serve this country. Please sign the following official petition to the White House and President Obama, and help spread the word (share the petition link!) so that we can get the 100,000 signatures required (in the next 30 days) to get an official response to this:

Restore re-enlistment bonuses paid to National Guard soldiers to deploy overseas in support of U.S. combat operations.

Created by H.J. on October 22, 2016

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The U.S. Federal and State Governments MUST honor their contractual and ethical obligations to our military servicemen and women and stop demanding that they return bonuses paid for completed service. This “debt” should be immediately forgiven, and any money repaid by them in good faith should be repaid TO them, with interest, immediately. Punish wrongdoers who offered “excessive bonuses,” not those who risk life and limb to serve their country in good faith.

Please don’t just click an emoji. Share this – and sign the petition. Why THIS petition? Because it’s on the White House petitions site (the official one) and will get an official response IF it garners 100,000 signatures in the next 29 days. The clock’s ticking.

Don’t stop there, though – for a few more clicks, there’s this one, on, started by a Vet: It has more detail. Read and sign it, too.

Todd just sent me a link to another on that has more signatures already than mine – sign it, too! (Seriously, spare a few clicks, show them it matters! Takes about 30 seconds, tops.) Here it is:

Let’s not let fear of diluting one keep us from signing them all. But let’s try to get the word out about these, so we don’t end up with 50 of them.

BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL TO CONFIRM YOUR SIGNATURE! This is very important. After signing any petition at, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. This helps to ensure that you only sign once and that no one else is signing in your name.

But don’t just stop there, either. Call or write your elected representatives and let them know that you are paying attention – and this is not how we go about cost-savings. We take care of our contractual obligations and we take care of those who serve this country. Period. Here’s how to find them: Just enter your ZIP code and go!

I sent the following letter to President Obama and Vice President Biden through their contact links here:


Dear Mr. President:

As a citizen of this country, a lover of peace, a descendant and relative of veterans of the Navy and Air Force, and a mother, I am appalled that our veterans are being told they must repay re-enlistment bonuses given to incentivize them to re-enlist and serve in overseas combat operations during a time when we were at war and in need of more trained soldiers. They signed on in good faith; if these bonuses were in any way “improper” or “excessive,” the blame does not lie with the soldiers who served – it lies wholly with those who promised them and made the contracts, including our own state and federal governments. We, the People, honor our contracts and take care of our veterans – don’t we? We have a shameful track record in many respects, but here’s an opportunity to do better. I am asking that you help to ensure that these soldiers are not asked to repay that money – and ARE REFUNDED IT WITH INTEREST where they have already done so (in their shoes, I would have refused – it is both humbling and appalling to me that so many have, be it out of loyalty to or fear of the government they served).

Reference: (I am told this is happening in all states, NOT just California, though California may be the worst. I would like to see this addressed across the country – not just in one state, but for all affected by this issue.)

Warmest regards,
Holly Jahangiri

For more information, see:

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