Meeting Old Friends for the First Time

This past weekend, I flew to Dallas to meet my friends, three of my sisters by choice (members of the list that Hadass wrote about in Gratitude and a List) – Hadass, Debra, Ceci – and Katie, my daughter, who drove in from north Texas to hang out with us and meet her “aunties.”

Though the visit was too short, and we were missing so many of our sisters, we had a marvelous time getting acquainted, traipsing around the Dallas Art Museum, sipping wine and eating delicious food – a lot of fun for less than 36 hours!


#Austin2022! (And we’re hoping for a big “family reunion” then!)


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5 thoughts on “Meeting Old Friends for the First Time”

  1. Now that I’m older, I realize each day that life, and time, are so precious. As we grow older, and we start losing friends to time, age, and illness, our connections become more precious than ever. It’s wonderful when you can meet, and bond further, in person.

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