Men Dribbling into Their Beards

Inspired by Women Laughing Alone at Salad and Women Struggling to Drink Water, I realized that men must be feeling left out. In a spirit of inclusiveness, I give you “Men Dribbling into Their Beards.”


Or their eyes:


Men, Eating Salad (Now THAT’s Funny!)

Lest you think only women laugh at salad when no one’s looking, I give you: Men, Eating Salad. You’d never see a man laughing like this at a thick, juicy steak, now, would you?




On second thought, maybe this should be “Men Looking Lecherous Over Lettuce.”

Does This Wine Taste Funny to You?

There are thousands of stock photos of alcohol telling jokes! Who knew?


Why, No, Coffee Doesn’t Turn People into Psycho Killers – Why Do You Ask?


“Would you like nightmares with your coffee?”

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8 thoughts on “Men Dribbling into Their Beards”

  1. haha, I thought I was the only man to suffer the drinking water problems, yes my beard can get a little wet!
    Thanks for that.

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