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Want some link juice? Help yourself. The fridge is full of it. There’s a combination lock on the door – it’s pretty easy to figure out, if you’re not a spammer. Deviously difficult if you are one. But if you’re a fellow blogger who feels like being generous and sharing a little link love with other bloggers, this post in combination with Building a Better Blogroll and The Death of Hypertext? should certainly get you started.


RSS Multi-Importer by  Allen Weiss is the closest thing I’ve found to the dynamic blogroll widget on Blogspot that displays the blogroll with a snippet from the latest post, and bumps recently updated blogs to the top of the list. To use it, you’ll need to enter the RSS feed address for each blog (for WordPress blogs, that’s http://<domain>/<blog root>/feed/ – e.g.,; for Blogspot blogs, it’s http://<blogname> )

You can see the results in action here:


This plug-in is only available to self-hosted WordPress blogs. Set up is pretty straightforward and well documented within the plug-in, but there are many shortcode parameters to control how the blogs are displayed. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you get it just the way you like it.

Caution: This plug-in also lets you do some nefarious (and possibly illegal) things I don’t personally approve of, like use other people’s posts automatically to fill your own blog with content. You could use it to populate one blog with your own posts from another – so it’s really not the plug-in author’s fault if you abuse its power. Play nice – don’t use it to violate anyone’s copyrights. As you can see, here, I’m only displaying a short “teaser” – a little excerpt from each of the recent posts to tempt readers to visit the original blog.

Steal Links

Okay, that sounds terrible. Don’t steal! But it’s fine to copy lists of links – and you can see this in action on any of the pages listed under recommended on my top menu bar. In some cases, I’ve merely copied and pasted a list of links – for example, from and – or grabbed the LinkyTools code to display an up-to-date list of A to Z Blogging Challenge participants. It’s easier to copy and paste than to type all that in, and from one WordPress blog to another, the hyperlinks will generally remain links.

One caveat: Be thoughtful, reasonable, and kind. If you run a blog that deals with adult themes (sex, violence, drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling, lots of profanity), don’t link to others’ blogs without permission. Generally speaking, if a blog is public, the blogger wants people to visit, read, and comment. But they may not appreciate being associated with strongly controversial content. Use your skills for good, not evil. If there’s any doubt, ask first. Remove links on request.


See the list of “Top Commentluvvers (30 Days)”? Those folks get top billing – over the blogroll – because they are actively engaged readers who are having conversations on my posts. This requires the CommentLuv plug-in (I’m using the Premium version, which also does a fantastic job of eliminating most spam comments). CommentLuv also lets you reward commenters by giving them an optional backlink with every comment.


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17 thoughts on “More Ways to Share the Link Love”

    1. “Blogs I Follow” only applies to blogs you’ve subscribed to (Followed) in the Reader. You can USE that as your blogroll. But if you want to include Blogspot blogs, or self-hosted WordPress blogs (like mine), or blogs/websites on other platforms, you’ll need to use Links. You can export/import your “Blogs I Follow” into Links, and mix those with manually added links or other OPML files to create a bigger blogroll. Hope that makes sense!

    1. Patricia, note that there is a FREE version of CommentLuv and the premium version (which is what’s linked to in the post). The premium version (which Marian Allen also has) includes several plug-ins in one, with some pretty awesome anti-spam capabilities. It’s one of the few plug-ins I’ve felt was worth paying for, over the years. (And Andy Bailey, its author, is a developer well worth supporting.)

      1. Truth is, there are so many plug-ins for WordPress you could drown in them. Be very selective. Try them one at a time, make sure they do what you want them to do, make a keep or toss decision, then deactivate and delete the ones you do not want. Nothing like trying to debug a problem and having to deactivate everything and reactivate one by one just to backtrack and figure it out. (When I say “one at a time,” I don’t mean one a day – but install, activate, configure, look at it, hammer on it, test it, be sure you want it.) The more plug-ins you have installed, the less efficient your blog is. I have about as many as is healthy for a blog to have. 🙂 Periodically, I try new ones and let go of things I’m not using anymore. There are lots of fun things to play with on WordPress.
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  1. Why use a plug in and have the added risk of spam etc. The regular blog roll thing with blogspot works great and has always given you the option to have just the name and title, or a snipet and you can choise what type of a list you what…ie alphabetical or date order. I don’t see an advantage of adding an outside widget? What’s the difference? I’m out and about visiting today, gearing up for the a-z challenge.

    1. Well, the CommentLuv Premium plug-in is also my best anti-spam measure, by far. So the CommentLuvvers widget, being part of that, doesn’t hurt a thing. The first is really just a customizable RSS Reader. I have used it longer than I’ve known how to import that WP Reader links into Links (here) – keep in mind, this is self-hosted WordPress and doesn’t have exactly the same features as a blog, so the “Blogs I Read” widget that’s built in over there doesn’t work here unless you add – you guessed it – a plug-in. 🙂
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