My Top 7 Parody Videos

My Top 7 parody videos – because the theme is seven, not eight.

Some of these videos contain humor that may be offensive and/or inappropriate for younger readers. I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st – 7th September 2013, and the theme is “seven.” But when have you ever known me to follow directions exactly?


Popular Music

Too bad the VMA Awards didn’t issue that warning before broadcasting Miley’s twerking into space… watch Captain Kirk and the rest of the crew react to her performance:

Always over-the-top, Lady Gaga really pushed the envelope with “Telephone,” and I think we all wondered how she got Beyoncé to go along with all that nonsense. Catchy tune, weird video. Well, now we know:

Movies & TV

Here’s a charming plea from Anne Hathaway’s double to award her the Oscar for her performance in Les Misérables:

Seriously, who isn’t hooked on Game of Thrones? And not just for all the sex and nudity. (Hey, I like dragons. And Puff wasn’t about drugs. And, anyway…) Unfortunately, some of us don’t get HBO and have to wait for it on DVD.

Prophetic Parodies

A lot of folks didn’t understand this song any better than they understood Twitter. A lot of folks still don’t.

Which begs the question…


But this is one of my all time favorites – I mean, how often does someone parody one of the hits of the 1790s?

And just as a bonus, because I went and dragged MySpace into this, making it feel unfinished if there’s nothing to round out the list and make it a “Top 8” – here’s a link to one of my favorite YouTube channels:   The Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel.





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12 thoughts on “My Top 7 Parody Videos”

    1. I didn’t have room, unfortunately, to include Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series (which I credit with restoring my sanity after Yu-Gi-Oh: The Movie sucked down a whole hour of life I can never get back). There really are a lot of great parody videos out there.
      HollyJahangiri recently posted…7:00 AMMy Profile

    1. Everything she does is carefully calculated to garner attention and fame. And she’s very successful at it – particularly at using “shock value” in art and music. But what she and Madonna do exceedingly well tends to backfire on folks like Miley Cyrus, who really ought to stick to what comes naturally, rather than look like they are desperately grasping for the brass ring. An analogy, I think: When I was in middle school, I wanted to distinguish myself from my parents. I rebelled through my hand-writing, having noticed some similarities between mine and my mom’s. And so I started slanting mine backwards, drawing hearts and circles over my i’s, half-printing – anything, trying to be “original.” And one day, I got tired of this. I started writing in a way that felt natural and went faster, frankly. More efficient for taking notes. And then I went home, signed a birthday card for a cousin – right after my mom (who, incidentally, gave me her name) – and we both burst out laughing. It looked as though she had signed the card twice. “Well,” she said, “I could’ve just sealed that up in an envelope before you got home and not waited to mail it!” I’m now fine with the fact that my natural handwriting looks like a forgery of my mom’s – but I can also understand that Miley’s going through some agonizing growing pains trying to establish herself as someone other than Billy Ray Cyrus’s daughter. I just sorry for her that she’s chosen such a public and humiliating way to do it, in an era where nothing is ever allowed to be forgotten. Ever. Our children, when they fail, can’t hope for anything but spectacular failure. I hope that we have the collective ability to PRETEND to unsee things we can never really unsee. 🙂
      HollyJahangiri recently posted…My Top 7 Parody VideosMy Profile

    1. Good, then you’ve come to the right place!

      I’m not a rule-breaker just for the sake of breaking rules, but rules need to make sense. I’m a firm believer in having a good grasp of the “rules” and breaking them mindfully when they don’t make sense. Particularly when it comes to writing.

      The rules I make are for myself – and, to a lesser extent, for my kids. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to those posts like, “Seven Things You MUST DO” or (“…must NOT DO!”) I start to feel my hackles rising. I’m more inclined to challenge an ultimatum than I am a good suggestion. And there are only a very few people with any claim to the right to assert authority over us. I don’t like conflict, so I’ll live by their rules (at least, in the US, they nominally work for “we the people”) – but I am much more inclined to be compliant when others are kind and less heavyhanded in their insistence on it.
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