Planetary Alignment

The following story is inspired by The Creative Copy Challenge. This week’s words: Landforms, Languages, Lagoon, Lakebed, Lava Dome, Latitude, Lowland, Meander, Natural arch, Overhang. This is as close to erotica as you’re going to get on this blog.

Planetary Alignment

Anaïs let her fingers trail down the vertebral knobs at the back of Cam’s neck. She  contemplated the landforms of Mercury while her hand meandered the curve of his shoulder blade. Smooth, coppery skin reminded her of the striking overhang from which she had an unobstructed, breathtaking view of the undulating, marble dunes of the Pensa Plains.

It was on the Pensa Plains that Anaïs had realized that Mercury was not a dead planet.  Standing in the hot, shimmering stillness, Anaïs had felt the surface of the planet heave softly. She had fallen to her knees, expecting the abrupt violence of a dry, tectonic shift, cleaving the planet’s crust to create the smoking fissures she had explored on her arrival. Instead, she felt a steady, rhythmic rise and fall. Mercury, itself, was breathing.

Anaïs smiled, wondering if Earth’s first humans were attuned to the respiration of their planet. “Cam?” she asked, touching the natural arch of his spine, near the lowland latitudes of his Latissimus Dorsi.


“I’m ready.” Anaïs knew that she would never see Earth again. Denial had made her a warrior of one, fighting a battle against Time’s invisible army. She had grown weary of this solitary war. Cam rolled over and wrapped her in a warm embrace. As his lips sealed her surrender, Anaïs saw the planet as Cam saw it: Verdant, lush, teeming with life, the silence shattered by the music of myriad mellifluous languages. Shady lagoons and sunny, whitecapped oceans deep with translucent purple water, reflecting a cotton candy sky. Anaïs fell into his orbit, fascinated.

The lava dome had been growing, almost imperceptibly, for days. Now, it rose up fast and hot from beneath the arid, cracked lakebed to merge with the dull, brass sky. Anaïs, boneless, ecstatic, burst into a billion billion points of light as a planet was reborn.


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