See Your Facebook Page the Way Friends (and Strangers) Do

Did you know that you are able to view your page as others see it? It’s a good idea to see your Facebook profile the way other people see it – just to be sure that you are sharing what you mean to share, and keeping private what you mean to keep private. Locking your profile down to “Only Me” is excessive and defeats the purpose of social media. But when sharing very personal info or pictures, you may want to limit the audience to “Friends” or even to specific Facebook Lists.

This is a handy way to see if your privacy settings are working as you intended them to work:



  1. Click the Privacy icon.
  2. Click Who can see my stuff?
  3. Click View As

Try it first as Public; next, enter a close friend’s name. Finally, enter the name of someone in your Restricted or Acquaintances lists (if you use those). Be sure that your profile displays what you intend for it to display to each group of people.

You might want to consider periodically limiting the audience for past posts, even if you want to make some posts public. I do this about once every 6-12 months.


  1. Click the Privacy icon as shown above (looks like a lock).
  2. Click See more settings.
  3. The page above is displayed. Click Limit the Audience for Old Posts on Your Timeline.
  4. Read the explanation – once you click the Limit Old Posts button, it will make all of your posts “Friends only.”

You can go back and selectively change some back to “Public” if you wish. To do that, click the drop-down menu next to the timestamp on the post. Select one of the privacy options shown (More Options lets you customize the post privacy and includes the ability to select custom lists as the audience.)


Ultimately, we each have to decide what we’re comfortable sharing; it’s my hope that this post lets you find a happy balance between sharing freely and maintaining a comfortable level of privacy so that you can enjoy your time on Facebook.






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2 thoughts on “See Your Facebook Page the Way Friends (and Strangers) Do”

  1. One of the problems in commenting on your blog posts is that I cannot be pithy and short! When I do that, it boots me out! I am however flattered that you like commentators to be verbose!

    Nice post. Very illuminating. Thank you.
    Rummuser recently posted…Visitors.My Profile

    1. I do appreciate the verbose comments – they’re so much more conversational, don’t you think, Ramana?

      You’re welcome. I do hope my posts these last few days have been helpful. I’ve been seeing lots of questions and confusion over privacy on Facebook, and a lot of people even threatening to leave because they’re worried about who can see what they post. I’d hate for anyone to do that if they didn’t really need to.
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