Would You Rather…?

I’ve been tagged! Not by Banksy, more’s the pity – but by Mitch Mitchell in retal–er, in return for my tagging him in the Creative Blogger Award. When I first saw the title, “Would You Rather” Book Tag Tour – My Version, I thought it was going to be one of those, “Would you rather kiss an elephant’s trunk or a sweet little bunny’s butt?” things. No, knowing Mitch, of course not. I slipped my glasses back onto the bridge of my nose and peered closer. Ah! A Q&A for avid readers! How can I resist. I even know a few…

So here’s the deal – if you’re tagged, below, you’re supposed to answer the questions (in bold) and tag five more literate bloggers.

Ze Questions!

Would you rather only read trilogies or only read standalones?

I suppose, if I had to choose, I’d read only standalones. I’m glad the choices here are only hypothetical. The thing about trilogies is, if you get hooked on the world and the characters and the stories, you don’t have to leave when you get to the last page. But if you are bored or satisfied and ready to move on, there’s no point slogging through books two and three. Time for something new!

Would you rather only read male or female authors?

I’d rather read a variety of perspectives from authors of different genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations – why would I want to limit myself? Reading can help you to develop empathy without actually having to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Sometimes, that’s a good thing. It’s an easy way to experience a safe taste of life as a hungry refugee, a ballet dancer, a Middle Earth troll, a Holocaust survivor, a member of the KKK, a black man, a lesbian, a circus performer, a vampire, a Victorian-era noble, a Martian stranded on Earth – there are limitless possibilities – without actually having to be any of those things. And how would you know you did or didn’t want to be them, unless you could at least experience life vicariously through the author’s eyes?

Would you rather shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

Barnes and Noble. I love the smell and feel of a brick-and-mortar bookstore. I can riffle through the pages of a book before committing to taking it home. My first – and still favorite – eReader is a nook.

Unfortunately, Amazon is convenient and always at my fingertips. It’s the Wal-Mart of the Internet, isn’t it? The Grand Bazaar of the online world. I still love Barnes and Noble, but given a choice between driving there or shopping in my own home, in my jammies, I’m ashamed to admit that I’m a happy little shut in. I bought an older model Kindle from a friend for $20 when she upgraded, mainly to enjoy books published by friends on Amazon. The fact that I can buy all kinds of things you won’t find in any book store on Amazon and have it all boxed up and sent to me, along with free two-day shipping to my doorstep, doesn’t hurt, either.

Would you rather books were made into TV shows or movies?

I’d rather the joy of books was kept the dirty little secret of avid readers, everywhere. We could just write original stories to be made into TV shows and movies, right? Then we could avoid the inevitable arguments over which was better, the book or the movie or the show. But I do think I tend to enjoy a TV series, if it’s a longer book and I really enjoyed it, rather than a movie. Two hours requires a lot of scene cutting.

Would you rather read only five pages per day or five books per week?

Another bad choice – how about two or three books a week, on average? I do have a life, and work, and family – and a greater need for sleep than I had in my college days – five books a week might be a bit much, some weeks!

Would you rather be a professional author or reviewer?

Author. I’m a lousy reviewer. If I like the book, I want to read for pure pleasure. If I hate it, I just want to get to work re-writing it or writing a better one!

Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller?

Either one would be fine, really. The appeal to being either would be the opportunity to introduce people to good books they haven’t read, yet. Or to help them with their research or studies. If I were a bookseller, I’d like a section of the store to be stocked with old books. New books just don’t have that same smell.

Would you rather read only your favorite genre, or every other genre but your favorite?

My favorite genre changes with my mood. But I would at least like to be sure I’m reading books I enjoy, so I suppose “only my favorite genre,” provided there was a limitless supply of new books to choose from!

Would you rather only read ebooks or physical books?

There’s a place for both, but if I had to choose, I’d choose physical books. My husband would choose eBooks. I’ll be honest – eBooks make me nervous. What happens when, one day, we have nothing that can read the bits and bytes? Or someone deems it “not commercially feasible” to continue storing the bits and bytes. We can still read paper and ink books written centuries ago, but I’m pretty sure you’d be hard-pressed to read a story of mine stored on a 5 1/4″ diskette – never mind on an 8″ magnetic tape.

Tag Five

And now, time to name some folks:

Bob Sanchez, of http://bobsanchez1.blogspot.com/

Stephen Tremp, of http://authorstephentremp.blogspot.com/

Zhen Li, of http://ruffledthought.com/

Mia Pleasant, of https://miapleasant.wordpress.com/

Ron Lacson, of http://ronrlacson.com/

Danni McGriffin, of http://dannimcgriffith.com/


So that’s six – sue me. Feeling left out? Nominate yourself in the comments to this post by leaving a link to your “acceptance speech” (or post). Because if you’re reading this, you rock – and I would never want you to feel left out.



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21 thoughts on “Would You Rather…?”

  1. I have no ides who 5 bloggers would be!
    So, I have no interests in that.

    But to make you think, I’ll answer the questions for the HELLA of it!

    1. Would you rather only read trilogies or only read standalones?

    I’ll read only standalones, thanks. The problem with trilo and other ogies, is….. jsut when you get to the good part in a story, the author ends, with “….”! And you may get a teaser on the next story, or maybe not. “COMING NEXT YEAR!” Yah.

    The next story will cost you another $10 or $15, bought new. I never buy new books, I buy well treated pre-owned ones. More ecological. So it may take me a year or 2 to find part Deux, or Part Quatros.

    And how do I know it will be any good? Take DUNE. Herbert wrote it out of love. Most of the sequels were forced mush. Urkh. Need I mention Jar Jar Binks? (A SW sequel!) Most other books in the SW universe were written by other authors. About 1/2 were good. Lucas did not care. After you have $600 million Quatloos in the old Ranch Account, what do you care? Nyet.

    2. Would you rather only read male or female authors?

    I could not possibly care less. It would take too much effort. Who says that a woman might not be able to write something good? I know the odds are slim, but what of Ursula K LeGuin? Hey! I’m NOT a poet, and now you know it! Rumor has it that a person named HJ can write. But who knows? The Shadow….

    3. Would you rather shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

    I have never shopped at either, nor at ebay. I have no idea how to shop on line, and please spare me. From your reply, I learned B&N is bricks & mortar. Up here we have, Coles and Chapters, and another store, the name I dis-remember. I have bought about 10 books there in 20 years or so.

    I generally buy my books at yard sales. You get to to talk to the previous owner. Oh, my! Human interaction. People talking to each other! A certain Hawaiian who thinks that “Smart Phones make us more human!” — would have me fed to the volcano gods. Even Holly is considering sending the Minions after me.

    (Their prices went up. Why blow your HP bonus on that? There is this cute little 40 some inch HP monitor, they make, that I want to steal from Noella’s Doctor’s. office. Spend your bonus on that instead. It is an investment. Then post a pic, and make me drool!)

    Or, I buy them at The Jarrett Center, which creates a few basic jobs for handicapped people. Don Trump would have me fired out of a cannon. (I once bought a good cheap pair of pants there, and found a $100 bill forgotten in a pocket! Woo Hoo! I was rich for a week! And did not waste the money! Holly spends that kind of money on Starbucks alone, for 5 days. Poor Holly. Someday I will send her some Timbos, so she can finally have decent coffee.)

    Or, I buy them at Value Village. They give 10% of their net earnings to Diabetes R&D. They could well afford to give more, but… at least they are doing something. And I am Diabetic. Mitt Romney would scream and shudder! Hillary would charge then $250 K to give one of her self-serving speeches. YUK. GO Bernie!

    Besides, you’ll never know what you find in a used book! The adventure! Used book marks! Love Letters! Coupons! (Some still good!) And $5 in Canadian Tire Money! 3×5 index cards with old recipes! All kinds of cool stuff!

    And you get to talk to people who are browsing! More dammed human to human IN PERSON interaction. Woot! Holly is shaking her head! (“Where did I meet this weirdo???”, she asks herself! Blame Al Gore! Remember, in All Things, Blame Canada or Al Gore. I got that either off the Simpsons or South Park.)

    4. Would you rather books were made into TV shows or movies?

    I think it works both ways. Holly is much to young to know this, but years ago, there was an man named James Blish. He wrote Cities in Flight, and also turned all the early Star Trek TOS episodes into books. During the Lean Years, that was all we Trekkies had.

    But sometimes they take a great TV show or movie, and desecrate t.
    I will spare you the litany!

    And for turning a book into a TV show, it can be done, better as a mini-series, than as a real series, as the new script writers tend to go insane quickly. They not only jump sharks, weekly, they go clear over the Grand Canyon, beating Evil Knievel.

    Turning a book into a movie, works too. But for every “To Kill a Mockingbird”, there is a piece of junk. (Speaking of which, I never understood the title, thought I have seen the movie 4 times, and read the book 3 times.)

    Sometimes, they do a good job, sometimes …. they produce horrors the likes of which would scare Alfred Hitchcock. No litany here,either!

    5. Would you rather read only five pages per day or five books per week?

    Depends on the book. Having only a mild acquaintance with sanity, I often am reading 5 books at a time. Worse, I get confused, when I think Napoleon is giving House Care Tips, and wonder when Larry Niven’s Sorcerers, are going to clean the oven. Meanwhile, back at the Forum, Marcus Aurelius, is teaching me old style photography, with a real camera. Which would be nice if I actually owned a camera. And did I mention that trivia book? Sorry, Holly, the guys in the white suits all know me…. I have fallen asleep reading books since I was a kid. And the “Throne Room”…. is well supplied with Readers Digests. Visiting me is NOT a wise idea.

    6. Would you rather be a professional author or reviewer?

    I am a lousy reviewer. I hated doing book reports as a kid, and the only reviews are I issue are: GREAT!!!! A MUST READ! or: Pretty Good stuff! Try it! or: Meh. Your mileage may vary. I have only issued the odd “SHEESH! GARBAGE!” in about 55 years. I am a lousy judge! A hanging judge!

    I read books for pleasure, education, or to pass the time. Ya wanna know what it is like? You can borrow it when I am done. William Shatner buys real ones, and writes them too. He leaves them on the plane for the next passenger to read. He asks us to do the same. The man IS a saint.

    As for writing? I have no idea how. Any reader will tell you: “The man cannot spell or punctuate. His grammar is atrocious. His gramper is dead! His acquaintance with making a logical argument? Tenuous. He used 60 words to say what 12 will do.” Writing is not one of my talents. Too bad….

    7. Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller?

    Either. I have applied for booth jobs. In one interview, years ago, I was told: “Listen. Do you think someone would rather buy a book from a dork like you, or a nice 20 year old Blonde Girl with nice —-??? If I don’t find anyone, I’ll call you in for a 2nd interview.” Today, 40 years later, I am still waiting for that phone call. I suspect that I was not the successful applicant.

    The Library job people just laughed at me. And had me escorted out. “YOU, a librarian? HA HA HA! You’d read them. Leave. NOW!”

    Holly nailed this one: “If I were a bookseller, I’d like a section of the store to be stocked with old books. New books just don’t have that same smell.” BINGO!

    8. Would you rather read only your favorite genre, or every other genre but your favorite?

    I have several genres. But am quirky. I avoid Fantasy. I avoid Romances. Lesley Reads Mack Bolan, and The Executioner, and such. I have no interest. I do not judge books by genre, author, or what not. I judge them by: Cover, blurb on the back, 10 pages read at random, and the 1st 5 pages. If you cannot start telling a story by page 5, sorry, I’m ADD. Au revoir. I admit to preferring some authors over others. Sue me, I’m prejudiced.

    So I cannot answer the question, it is not defined in my limited, narrow, little universe…. or mind.

    9. Would you rather only read ebooks or physical books?

    I wish I were a Bond Villain. I would destroy Apple, just for the fun of it. HELLA, why not all of California? (Arizona needs some nice Ocean Front Beaches!) And once I was world dictator, or at least chief potato masher, I would seize every e-thing and ithing evver made. Then I would toss them into a volcano. Giggling madly.

    I have read F-454. I have read “When the Machine Stops”, and also 1984, And Animal Farm. I know too much….

    See, you used to buy a computer, and software which you owned. Now you own nothing. Steve Jobs and Bill gates screwed that up ONLY so they could get richer. Now all you do is rent…. for a year.

    There is the Swedish woman who bought one of these ethings a few years ago. She also bought a small library of 6 or 8 hundred books, and what nots. One day, this big evil Uhmuhricuhn Coproration, reached out and erased off the crap off here gizmo. No court. No appeal. No explanation. “You violated our terms of service.” But they would not even tell her what she did wrong. So her $300 toy was now a paperweight. And she had a couple of thousand Kronen Kashes of stuff on it. Harder to do that with a real nook.

    Mind you, I sorta agree with the big, nameless, faceless, dictatorial USA Corporation. Swedes! The Scum of the Earth! Nevver trust anyone Swedish. Their ancestors were Vikings, dammit! They raided and wiped out a monastery in 793! Find me something or someone good from Sweden! Search all of history, and nyet! They cannot even build decent boats. See: “Vassa”. COUGH! They are worse than Canuckistanians! COUGH! COUGH!

    Yah, right. ONE Swedish woman was a threat to the ENTIRE Yew-Knighted States. I’ll bet George W had to make the “Wipe Her Clear!” Decision himself. Well, no, Uncle Dick had to do that. George was a figurehead. We know! Yay, Dick!

    And of course, I approve of the USONIANS ruling the world like the Emperor in Star Wars! Yes sir, forget your Declaration of Dependence, where you knock the Brits, from whom you got everything, except the stuff you stole from the Romans, and go now, thee, and act like Big Brother! And Constipational rights? Hunh! Most of you do not even know what that pre-rambler to the E Pleb Neesta even is. You needed William Shatner to explain that! Forgive my sarcasm. My cynicism. Country needs to return to its roots. REFORM!

    To quote Benedict Arnold: “Give me Liberty, and give me real books! Or give me death! We’ze Yankees gots drones!” And with Holly, Hip, and SOMEONE ELSE shrieking in horror…. Let me say this: One genre I am not fond of, is Alternate Histories….

    But, I like my books REAL. You can actually kill a spider with one.

    And I am paranoid about spiders. I once hit one with a slipper (at work) about 25 times. Die, you filthy, evil, spawn of Hell! All phasers! Lock on Target! FIRE! FIRE AT WILL! REPEAT FIRE!

    After a bit, my boss gently took the slipper from my hand, and said: “I’m sure he’s dead now, Monty. Go have a coffee, calm down, and come back and clean my wall. You’ve spread his guts over about 2 square feet of wall. And wash that slipper. I don’t want spider guts all over my nice clean floor!” Later, he stopped by to make sure I was alright. I was till shaking. We are not all brave, like Holly, or her dad. Well, Ok. Her dad. Holly likes her spiders distant. LIke me. Far, far, far away……

    AND: As for the 6-2 dark haired, buxom, cute, smart, 190 lb, female, sheet metal worker (Who could manhandle a 4×8 sheet of heavy grade sheeting!), he accompanied back to her workstation. Apparently, she did not like spiders either. Her screams echoed throughout the building for several minutes after “The Event”. But the Dammed Spawn of Evil, had been HUGE (Over an inch in diameter!) and had attacked her, wantonly.

    Being a brave, debonair, handsome, caring, devil may care, warrior male, I had protected her, as was my duty!

    I would not even know how to turn on an ebook. Let alone pay $14 to download a book unsuccessfully to one, after searching the internet for 6 hours, to find a book. (Tried, failed! I will spare you the horror story!) I like to examine what I read first. I like kicking tires before I buy.

    And besides, spiders!! No, I will not tell you about the gigantinormous one in the used book store. Yes, they asked me to leave. AFTER I had saved all their lives! Even Stephen King will not touch that one.

    A real book has Smell, Sound, Sight, Feeling, Texture, Reality, History, Personality! Even Taste. I can take a real book, and open it, semi at random, years after I read it, and find a favourite passage. Try that, ePeople…..

    You cannot do that with an ebook. A real book is a random access storage device. An ebook is a primitive, sequential access, linear text file. Which you can lose, in seconds.

    I have a 600 page book, downstairs. “The Complete Sherlock Holmes”. I once needed the name of a “The Woman”. (Irene Adler) I also needed the name of the story (A Scandal in Bohemia). I found the answers through a quick perusal of the real book.

    I could not find the info I needed off the net. Why? Because Google needs THE RIGHT QUESTION to find stuff. Otherwise, you get 9,234,567.23 pages of ads. “Who needs to know anything when there’s Google?” Well, in reply: There was this little event called Apollo 13. Good thing they KNEW the answers.

    Some day, an airliner will be in trouble. Someplace over the Pacific …. They will need info, fast, to save themselves. Their iThing will have failed. The battery on their HP laptop will have died! (Sabotage!) Their Cisco Wi-Fi will not have a signal. They will not have a real manual. Oh, oh. If Holly writes the story, they will all die, gruesomely. If I write it, they will crash on a desert island. Where for the next 10 years, the Professor will try to……

    Anyhow. If you had enough stamina to read this far, you are brave. You are tired. And thanks.

    1. You still haven’t forgiven me for that little (tiny!) dreary stretch of short stories with unhappy endings, have you? Okay, fine, but they wouldn’t die fast if I wrote it. It’d be more like Lord of the Flies.

      You know, I’m going to have to respond to the rest, later. My guys are taking me to dinner. 🙂
      HollyJahangiri recently posted…Would You Rather…?My Profile

      1. I would actually read a Holly version “Lord of the Flies”….

        And I think in today’s environment, it would sell….

        Add a little paranoia, a little conspiracy, something from the Middle East, and evil Canuck who dies slowly, painfully, brutally, gruesomely, and HEROICALLY [Must assume heroic Lorne Greene Pose!] YOU’ll need a cute, Blonde secret agent, who is trying to save her company from the clutches of someone evil like Apple, Google, Amazon, or some RED Chinese firm. A plane full of temporarily misplaced people. They are NOT Lost. There are men there, who will save the day….!!! (I better run!) But all your friends and enemies could be characters.

        Enjoy dinner! Make sure the guys pick up the tab, and remember: At a dinner where they take YOU out… A dessert is DE rigeur! Why go Death Valley style, when there is Baked Alaska?

        But a certain Lutheran Pastrix says I am an evil goad. Useful, sometimes, like a conscience, but a pain in the grunnion at other times. Your mileage will vary!

        You can always SPLIT or SHARE A dessert. I have done it, and they actually taste better!! (Both Noella and Lesley agree!) A certain Blonde Princess has even recommended it, once. . . a long long time ago. Try it!

      2. Modern day Lord of the Flies… would probably be called The Hunger Games. Oddly enough, though, there’s more hope for humanity in The Hunger Games.

        Hmm…other than the notion of the MEN saving the day (too cliche), I like your idea. (That last gasp of heroism from the evil Canuck, redeeming him from a moment that would otherwise elicit cheers of joy from the audience, might be a little cliche, as well, but if you don’t mind an androgynous tattooed woman built like Lady Brienne of Tarth actually “saving the day,” rather than a bunch of “men,” then okay.) For obvious reasons (conflict of interest, marketing ethics, wanting to keep my job) I’ll have to be careful who I cast as the villain. 🙂 Maybe I’ll have all of your possibilities traveling and working TOGETHER to save humanity, in spite of their concerns over revealing top secret IP and compromising patent applications. We can make Kim Jong Deux the villain!! 😉 Or maybe I’ll be really silly, and name him Kim John D’eux.

        Mama always did say French would come in handy, one of these days.

        My guys always pick up the tab. Of course, given J.J. and I have a joint account and both work, there’s no telling who’s paying for dinner. Our son did treat us to dinner, the other night, when he got his first paycheck, and to lunch last weekend. That was sweet.

        I had the chocolate cake, last night. 🙂 Stuffed to the gills, I was, too.
        HollyJahangiri recently posted…Would You Rather…?My Profile

  2. Oh, and I forgave you. I recall saying a couple were quite good, even tho they were dark humor. I even laughed at 1 or 2. They’d be good in a book of short stories…. “The Dark Closet of Madame H”. (A working title, if you will!)

    1. Oh, I wasn’t apologizing for the dark humor at all – just the ones that may have actually come across as tragic, rather than horrific and funny. I revel in horrific and funny. I kind of wallow and slog in tragic, sometimes. It’s like getting stuck in quicksand. Good thing I have you to pull me out, Pete. Dave’s been slacking in that department, lately. 🙂
      HollyJahangiri recently posted…Would You Rather…?My Profile

      1. RE: Oh, I wasn’t apologizing for the dark humor at all – just the ones that may have actually come across as tragic, rather than horrific and funny.
        Some were funny. Some were a little dark. Hitchcock had the same problems. Where does one stop? Start? What word does one use? If I recall he wrote an essay on that, MANY years ago…..

        RE: I revel in horrific and funny. I kind of wallow and slog in tragic, sometimes. It’s like getting stuck in quicksand.

        Well there is a cure for that! In the words of the Bard: “Go write thee a comedy!” Preferably one where one foolish slog has something silly happen to him.

        I also recall an essay on that, years ago. Will Rogers, I think.

        RE: Good thing I have you to pull me out, Pete. Dave’s been slacking in that department, lately. 🙂

        Yer welcome. No extra charge. Maybe we’ll have to tag team it, so we do not get overwhelmed…….


    1. Hahaha… I did generally try not to tag people I’ve just tagged. 🙂 Don’t think I didn’t consider it. Mia’s an exception; she needs more nudging to blog more. ::nudge, nudge, nudge:: Also, I know she’s a voracious reader. (As are you, so I’d be interested in your answers to this, as well, but didn’t want to be annoying.)
      HollyJahangiri recently posted…Would You Rather…?My Profile

  3. Well justified answers there Holly and as always, an entertaining post.

    I don’t feel left out at all for not being included, I would have to have prefaced most of my answers with “it depends” in any case.

    I also know that frequently, neither I nor my writing are always suitable for polite and genteel (is that word still used) company.

    You did ask for comments.
    Peter Wright recently posted…Disneyland, Overcoming Adversity & Success.My Profile

    1. Hi, Peter! (Hey, if you’re wondering why your comments don’t appear instantly – its the “no gravatar” thing. Instantly throws comments into moderation; cuts waaay down on spam. Get thee a Gravatar.) I’m glad you don’t feel left out! 🙂 I guess they’re good questions, because they provoke a lot more than a simple “yes” or “no” answer, and a lot of quibbles and qualifications. The easy questions don’t make for great blog posts.

      Are you saying I’m not “polite and genteel”! Harrrumph. Well, if it’s a choice between that and curious, interested, thinking, not-afraid-of-a-little-controversy – okay. I’ll take it.

      As for the comments, is that the key? Do I have to ASK, every blasted time? You want I should beg? How long and how well do you know me? 😀
      HollyJahangiri recently posted…Would You Rather…?My Profile

  4. I have had a gravatar for years. It did not show because I used a new email address. I will have to abandon this one as it is being targeted by spammers.

    Tip for all your readers, if you start using a new email address, don’t forget to add it to your gravatar account. I have now added all my email addresses, but used my old one just for this comment.

    No Holly, I would never suggest you are not polite and genteel, quite the opposite, always charming even when you are delightfully controversial or provocative.

    I was merely providing an excuse for myself as both I and my writing are often considered less than polite and genteel!

    As for your last comment, I have known you virtually for several years. How well? Always a difficult question which I have learned, safer not to answer.
    Peter Wright recently posted…Disneyland, Overcoming Adversity & Success.My Profile

    1. Oh, now, Peter – you pick NOW to “play it safe”? 🙂 Fine, fair enough. But you need no excuses for yourself or your writing. I’ll make none for mine, when it’s not “polite and genteel,” either. People can raise an eyebrow at what they disapprove of and come back for something new later, they can debate me in comments (with a reasonable amount of courtesy), or they can leave. Their choice, not mine. Writing is like throwing seeds into the wind – it has to be let go, published, in order to take root in others’ minds and grow. Whether it grows weeds or flowers or weird, alien, hybrid tendrils is not entirely up to me. Depends on where it lands and the growth medium of the brains it takes hold in. How am I to know if it lands in the right region or climate?
      HollyJahangiri recently posted…Lake Tahoe, My WaterlooMy Profile

  5. Those were fun questions. My own ways of reading have changed a great deal over the years, and how and who I read, as well.

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  7. Of course, the part you left out was letting the person who threw the challenge at you know you’d written it; that’s why I just got here. lol

    Great stuff. Seems we agree on most of the same things, including our evasive answers. The only one we’re not on with is TV vs movie. I don’t think I could handle my favorite book or series being played out in one hour increments… I mean, what if I missed one? I’ve learned how to resolve that I’m not going to get the full story that the book lays out… there’s just those few times when I want to slap someone for leaving something out that would help people understand what’s going on! lol

    You know, I’ve never even seen a Kindle in person? I don’t know a single person who has one; how wild is that?
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Life: It’s A Trip by Rasheed HoodaMy Profile

    1. That’s funny! I rarely see eReaders in use unless it’s on a plane.

      As for notifying you – gee, shouldn’t you have gotten a ping from the link? 🙂 Oh, those were the days, eh? And speaking of “back in the day” – I have a bone to pick with you, Mitch. Remember that whole discussion about “PageRank is dead” and whether anyone still cared about Alexa? How come you didn’t mention MOZ and PageAuthority? Mmm hmmm. Keeping it all to yourself?

      And as for the mini-series, at least your favorite books aren’t a multi-year series on a pay cable channel you don’t get…

      1. Wow, I garnered two responses; intriguing! lol

        No, I don’t get pingbacks. I turned that off years ago… because of spammers so you called that one.

        I don’t know Moz or Page Authority; you’ll have to enlighten me on that one.

        You actually got a response from Michael Crichton; classic! Truthfully, it seemed like Lost World the book was a mess across the board… but don’t tell him I said that. lol
        Mitch Mitchell recently posted…5 Reasons Why Commenting Only On Blogs In Your Niche Might Not WorkMy Profile

      2. I actually ran an online chat with Michael Crichton on GEnie, back around 1992. I had his home phone number (he asked me to call him an hour before the chat to be sure he was awake and online). Our daughters are the same age. One night, while talking with him about how the chat would work, Katie walked up to me and pointed out a rash she had – it was itchy and it was MOVING. I mean, right in front of my eyes, it would appear and disappear on different parts of her. Crichton reassured me, “It’s hives. That’s the ONLY kind of rash that can move like that.” So it’s a bit of a family joke that Dr. Crichton diagnosed her hives over the phone.

        I won’t tell him what you said about Lost World. I can’t. He died some years ago, Mitch. 🙁

        And good!! I get to enlighten you! (And to think, yours is higher than mine. But your MOZ spam score’s also higher than mine, so 😛 )

    2. Didn’t you get a ping from the link back? 🙂

      I’ve been wondering about that – if those even work, anymore, thanks to spammers. I still get some of them, but at best they’re going straight into the Bouncer’s office for further review. Sad.

      It’s even worse when your favorite books are a series on Starz, and you refuse to subscribe to one more premium channel – ever. OH, well, it’s a good excuse to socialize; I’m thankful for friends who do subscribe, and are willing to host a binge-watch!

      I actually scolded Michael Crichton for turning a plot point into a poop joke, once. He was utterly unrepentant. “Good summer dino flick” was what he was aiming for, and what he got. The book made more sense, but the movie WAS entertaining.

      I only see Kindles in action in airplanes. I bought a used one so that I could more easily read friends’ eBooks when they’re on Kindle, and so that I could preview my own. I still buy print books, much to my husband’s chagrin.
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