You’re Kidding, Right?

You actually clicked that link? Imagine where you might have ended up, if I were feeling mean. I’m not, and aren’t you lucky?

If you’re a crawler bot or a spammer who was checking this page out for other reasons, joke’s on you! This page has absolutely nothing to do with any of the following sites:

Kelutsu’s Tips Outsource The Work
I just wonder if, by NOT outsourcing the work, I can rank even better than Kelutsu and their minions. Here’s a hot tip for Kelutsu: Title case does not require you to capitalize the word “the.” Also, using the infinitive, “to outsource” or the gerund, “for outsourcing” makes more sense grammatically. I suppose, though, you could change it to “Kelutsu’s Tips: Outsource the Work.” But that looks like one tip, to me! Kudos for appropriate apostrophe use. You’re welcome – I’m always happy to return the favor of unsolicited advice!



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