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Telegram or Smoke Signals?

21 May , 2018  

Since shuttering my Facebook accounts, including WhatsApp and Instagram, I have had time to explore alternatives. I’ve tried out Viber and Signal, but the only Messenger replacement I’m really enjoying – while trying to recruit more users to make it more fun and interesting – is Telegram. In terms of privacy and security, it’s much […]

Humor, Op-Ed

One Stitch at a Time (#MondayMusings, #CrochetInsights)

21 May , 2018  

Meditation There are natural nothing-thinkers in the world; I’m not one of them.  The directive to “make your mind a blank” tends to have the opposite effect on me, like, “don’t think of pink elephants sipping Cosmos on the moon.” I try to think of nothing, but it’s a half-hearted effort. At best, I just […]

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