Cooking, Humor

Auspicious Eggs

2 Oct , 2018  

I really wasn’t planning to have three eggs for breakfast this morning, but as I widened the crack on the second egg, two yolks slipped into the pan. I’ve read that this is generally regarded as good luck. Unless you’re in the UK. There, it means imminent death. It could also mean someone in the […]

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#Inktober2018, Visual Perspectives

Tranquil #Inktober #Inktober2018

2 Oct , 2018  

I had an epiphany this past weekend: Inktober has given me a taste of what novice writers must feel when trying NaNoWriMo for the first or second time. The amazing artwork some people scribble in a matter of minutes is intimidating. I caught myself giving advice to young artists: “Stay AWAY from those ‘meh, this […]