Visual Perspectives


3 Oct , 2018  

The light changes. One minute, it’s gray and rainy. Dusk comes quickly, but for one brief moment, the air shimmers rose gold. Warm. There’s an odd glow. On one side, sunset. Above, a haze of slate blue clouds, faintly tinted pink. But there’s no rainbow… Because I’m standing in it.

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#Inktober2018, Visual Perspectives

Roasted #Inktober #Inktober2018

3 Oct , 2018  

Sweet Olathe corn… Though the prompt calls for roasted, I usually just rub it with lightly salted butter, roll it in parchment, twist the ends, and nuke it on high for three minutes. A little sea salt, a shrine of pepper, and… Yum. That might explain why this specimen looks a little burnt. I learn […]

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