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A Google+ Alternative

19 Feb , 2019  

The reality is finally sinking in: the demise of Google+ is imminent. Google+ will be shut down on April 2, 2019. Not everyone is mourning the loss, but for some, it’s a loss of community and the loss of an alternative or adjunct to Facebook. Though the press pounced on Google’s erasure of its “Don’t […]

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Hell's Little Paving Stones, Journal

100 GOOD Things About Me

18 Feb , 2019  

It’s easy to write “100 Things About Me.” But almost nine years ago, I was challenged to write “100 GOOD Things About Me.” Let this serve as an introduction to newcomers, here, as well as a list of affirmations. If you prefer a visual intro, click here. 100 GOOD Things (in No Particular Order, Plus […]

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Generosity and Thankfulness

Share the Love, Save a School #HelpMithuSaveSchool

14 Feb , 2019  

Think back to the people who influenced you as a kid, and turned you into the person you are, today. Your parents, your friends, your neighbors, your teachers, and all the people you encountered, every day, in your community. Now, imagine that just a few thousand dollars can make all the difference to hundreds of children […]

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Consider the Source

14 Feb , 2019  

There’s a little game I refuse to play. It’s called, “You can’t be friends with me if you’re friends with [fill in the blank]!” My stock answer to that is, “Fine, I’m sorry you feel that way. I guess we can’t be friends.” I don’t care if the person saying it is my best friend […]

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Mother, Touchstone, Friend

14 Feb , 2019  

We mothers – we are merely rudders, guiding our children’s ships through the storms and over the turbulent seas of life – we guide them as steadily and as best we can, but we are not the only influence that determines the outcome of the journey… Who am I today? I am a woman, a […]

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I Write Like…Me. Or do I?

2 Feb , 2019  

My writing is identifiable – it is a redolent of Agatha Christie cookies, with a hint of Stephen King cake, and a healthy side Anne Rice. It is male, with a softer side. European female, maybe. Gender fluid, and ageless as time itself. That’s just a nice way of saying “AI is stupid.” Or maybe I really AM Stephen King…. How would YOU know?

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