Technical & How-to

Can’t Answer Incoming Call from Lock Screen After Android 9 Update?

16 Aug , 2019  

Sometimes, you just need your mobile phone to act like a phone. After a recent update to the Android operating system – Android 9, July 1 security patch – on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9, I was unable to answer a phone call from the lock screen. I could press the call answer or hang […]

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An oil painting of a tree, and the same view from my kitchen window.

Outdoors, Poetry

Outside My Window, There’s a Tree #WordsMatter

3 Aug , 2019  

Outside my window, there’s a tree…

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Generosity and Thankfulness

Raising Men, One Lawn at a Time #WATWB

1 Aug , 2019  

Children love to help out, to feel valued, and to belong. They are eager volunteers, but there are surprisingly few meaningful opportunities for them to help out in their communities. Raising Men Lawn Care Service seeks to change that.

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