A Reading Resolution

27 Dec , 2018  

I talk a good fight, but have not been acting like an avid reader for far too long. I have many books waiting in the TBR pile, longing silently for attention. My husband’s convinced I buy the dead tree kind just to fill up the house, earn the nickname “Book Hoarder,” and annoy him with piles and piles of books we have no room for. As few as I read, cover to cover, last year, he makes a convincing argument. I need to prove him wrong. Or I need to build a little free library under the shady branches of our red maple climbing tree out front, and start giving them away.

I haven’t done well with resolutions and challenges, lately, either. I accomplished only four of my twelve resolutions for 2018, but hit the ball out of the park on #6, which was to travel. I’m keeping that one on the list! Clearly, I’m serious when it comes to traveling. We’re not even going to talk about the rest.

Holly squints at the mental white board and rubs at best intentions, written on it in faded dry erase marker, with her sleeve, hoping nothing there has been committed to the paving stones on the walkway to Hell. It would just be too damning. “Let’s start over, shall we? Maybe before the Devil’s construction crew notices that the road’s unpaved, yet…”

All righty, then. #1, read more… and to be accountable, to make it fun, and to get more book recommendations from people I enjoy hanging out with, I’ve joined the Write Tribe Reading Challenge 2019. So far, these are my picks to start – some from last year’s TBR pile, and a few new ones to fit the challenge prompts. I will add more as I knock these off the list. I have been trying to shut down the PC earlier each night, to crawl under the covers, and read – to resurrect that “guilty pleasure” I once enjoyed so much, rather than waiting until I drop from exhaustion and can’t keep my eyes open the second my head hits the pillow. It’s again becoming a habit I look forward to.

Have you thought of your 2019 resolutions or goals, yet? Do you prefer to make resolutions, choose a “word for the coming year,” or just wing it, knowing that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions? (I haven’t even kept the best resolution I ever made – “To make no more resolutions I have no intention of keeping.”)

Have you read more or fewer books over the past few years? What’s on your TBR pile? Any good book recommendations?

Let me know in the comments – I look forward, each post, to hearing from you!

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  1. Rummuser says:

    I don’t make new year resolutions because I am in glorious retirement just enjoying life one day at a time. I however read a great deal and usually two and sometimes three books at a time. One fiction to read in bed and one or two for serious reading while on my recliner. Currently, I am reading Salman Rushdie’s Shame in fiction, and for serious reading, Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment Now and Sanjeev Sanyal’s The Indian Renaissance. For you, I would strongly recommend two books, Pinker’s Enlightenment Now and Hans Rosling’s Factfulness.

    Incidentally, there is a word for someone like you.

  2. Pat Stoltey says:

    I did lots better with my reading list this year because I make a serious effort to cut back on meetings, conventions, conferences, workshops, and classes. I’ve been loving the more relaxed lifestyle. I read in almost all genres, both fiction and nonfiction, and try to review or at least rate all the books I read on Goodreads and Amazon. Two small novels I’d recommend are from Colorado authors I know: The Fat Lady’s Low, Sad Song by Brian Kaufman (Black Rose Writing) and Rosary Without Beads by Diana Holquin-Balogh (Five Star) I also like Margaret Mizushima’s K-9 mystery series that starts with Killing Trail..As I tried to remember my favorites of 2018, I realized I’ve been reading mostly Colorado authors (they’re very good) except for female thriller authors such as Lisa Gardner.

    I haven’t spent any time yet working on specific goals for 2019 except to finish and submit my wip and then start a new novel. I guess I should do that, starting with an exercise and weight loss plan (like I do every year).

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