April’s Amorous Adynata – #AtoZChallenge

1 Apr , 2019  

April’s Amorous Adynata

Mount Everest, like a piece of chalk, will crumble
As nimble bumblebees begin to balk and grumble.
No sooner than the doves of peace cry out for war,
Will we, our ardor tepid, yawn, and want no more.

And when pigs fly across the darkening sky,
Sun shining like a tar pit, drenched and dry –
Then will we cool ourselves before the fire
And stoke the fiery chill of our desire.

And so it begins… the April A to Z Challenge 2019. I was fence sitting, but then realized this is the 10th anniversary of the challenge, so how could I resist joining in? I searched for inspiration in the A’s, rifling through the stack, considering all the epithets that I, like Eliot, might hurl at this cruelest of all months, this evil trickster, this hallowed hall of pranksters – when I ran across “adynaton.” The plural, “adynata,” has the peal of a thousand housewives banging a Tibetan gong at sunrise, on a cold and lonely mountain, as they pine for distant lovers, wondering what sort of sadistic writer would whisk them away from the sizzling bacon and eggs on their stovetop and shove them into a tiny monastery to bang a gong with their spatulas. It is a crazy, mixed up world, where pens and limitless imaginations can do this to a character.

The dictionary will tell you that “adynaton” is hyperbole that is so over-the-top as to suggest an impossibility. “When pigs fly” is a common adynaton. But we writers be the keepers of Pandora’s box; we dip our pens in wit and adynata. If we insinuate impossibilities, we also whisper of hope.

Do read my fellow bloggers’ work, throughout the month. You are sure to find something entertaining, informative, or thought-provoking there. I have no idea what you’ll find, here, as the month progresses. But if you have followed this blog for any length of time, that’s a given. Here’s a link to all the A to Z Challenge participants’ blogs – sign-ups close April 6, so if you want to join in the fun, by all means, do!


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