Crystallized Ginger #AtoZChallenge

3 Apr , 2019  

When I was little, I discovered crystallized ginger in the spice rack. Crunchy, spicy, hot, and sweet, crystallized ginger became my favorite candy. My mother didn’t seem to mind; I’m not sure she’d ever found a better use for it. Traveling to Alaska, a few years ago, with my husband, son, and daughter, I indulged […]

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Cooking, Humor

Auspicious Eggs

2 Oct , 2018  

I really wasn’t planning to have three eggs for breakfast this morning, but as I widened the crack on the second egg, two yolks slipped into the pan. I’ve read that this is generally regarded as good luck. Unless you’re in the UK. There, it means imminent death. It could also mean someone in the […]

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Cooking, Reading

The It’s-Not-a-Book-Report Report

11 Mar , 2018  

These are the books I’ve read or bought since I wrote “Curing the Reading Drought.” The cookbooks, Roger Ebert’s The Pot and How to Use it, and The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook by Beth Hensperger and Julie Kaufmann will require a bit of creative adaptation; they have, in fact, inspired me to begin work, with […]

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