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A Periodic Sentence #AtoZChallenge

4 May , 2019  

Perilous storms on the horizon portend tragedy. And help to illustrate a couple of literary terms as they tug at your heartstrings. Plenty of pathos.

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An empty grave

Fiction, Hell's Little Paving Stones


22 Jan , 2019  

“You could, at least, be civil about it.” “Why the fuck should I be?” Alex stopped in her tracks and glared at Gabe. “You talk a good fight about equality, but denying to others the ‘rights’ you claim for yourself is just everyday bigotry.” “That’s no reason to drop the f-bomb every five minutes. And […]


The Wicked, Sickled Semicolon


Grammar Nazi

21 Jan , 2019  

In a preemptive edit, I sought the annihilation of exuberance, indefinitely. There would be no negotiations; scholarly standards were strictly structured – some might say “cursed” – to ensure the disarmament of excessive excitement. Ruthlessly, I lined up the errant sentences, identified their bouncy little exclamation marks, their now impotent interrobangs, lined them up against […]

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After The Long, Hard Winter (Part Seven)

24 Oct , 2018  

Finish The Story After The Long, Hard Winter Part Six This is a Finish The Story prompt from Teresa (aka, The Haunted Wordsmith). Teresa started the story. Then she passed it to Michael, who tagged Di, who tagged Fandango, who walked it over to Iain, who sent it flying towards Stuart, at Tale Spinning, who chucked it over the transom to me. When I […]

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pizza and halloween treats by ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓


The Haunted Pizza

21 Oct , 2018  

Your writing prompt for Halloween is inspired by a post by children’s author, Dee Leone:  

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#Inktober2018, Fiction, Visual Perspectives

Killing Four Prompts with One Sketch #Inktober #Inktober2018

20 Oct , 2018  

Could’ve been five, with the soap bottle. I was so surprised to see diamonds dripping from the faucet, this morning, that I scorched the toast. Scorched toast is so brittle, so breakable; half of it crumbled into tiny bits that got washed into the drain, along with priceless diamond dust and a few good-sized chunks. […]

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Gerald, the Grumpy Garden Gnome

4 Sep , 2018  

Gerald, the lawn gnome, had grown tired of being “cute.” He had looked it up, one night, in a dictionary Elizabeth had carelessly left lying on the front stoop. It did not mean handsome, or manly, or noble. No, “cute” was something whimsical and trivial and Gerald had been in a foul mood ever since he’d learned the […]

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een and yellow haired goofball by Bruce Guenter


Blogging is Like Baton Twirling

3 Sep , 2018  

What was that hackneyed advice someone always trotted out, eager to prove they knew nothing at all about the process of writing? Ahh, yes: “Write what you know.”

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Feet in the Sand #WriteBravely #WTFOW2018

25 Jun , 2018  

Ah, that Little Mermaid – what did she know? They say the sand is always more appealing on the other side of the water’s surface. I lay back on the little wind-surfer board and let my fingers trail in the water. There wasn’t even a hint of a breeze; I was just drifting with the […]

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Things that Go Thump #WriteBravely #Fiction

25 Jun , 2018  

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but this is the last car we have available.” The agent shook his head at the monitor and shrugged. It was a small, older car, and no one had a key to the trunk, it seemed. The family ahead of me would never get all their bags into it, clearly, and they […]

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Plot Dragons

Fiction, Reviews

Curing the Reading Drought

18 Feb , 2018  

The Reading Drought How does someone who loves to read, who considers themselves an avid reader, end up going through long, dry spells without actually cracking open a book? This feels like the unburdening confession of a dirty secret I’ve lugged around far too long. I should have Googled sooner: It’s not just me. Read, […]

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