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Can’t Answer Incoming Call from Lock Screen After Android 9 Update?

16 Aug , 2019  

Sometimes, you just need your mobile phone to act like a phone. After a recent update to the Android operating system – Android 9, July 1 security patch – on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9, I was unable to answer a phone call from the lock screen. I could press the call answer or hang […]

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Using Android Apps to Make Blog Images #Images #Apps #Android

30 Jun , 2019  

Making original images with text and graphics is easy, fun, and inexpensive. Why use stock images on your blog, when you can make your own?

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Questions and the Quest for Answers #AtoZChallenge

5 May , 2019  

Do you know how powerful your favorite search engine really is, or how to take advantage of its full capabilities?

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K-Cup DIY Recycling

Outdoors, Technical & How-to

Caffeine is My Jet Fuel; Nitrogen is My Garden’s!

21 Jan , 2019  

We haven’t ditched the 12-cup drip coffee maker for our morning coffee, but the single-serve Keurig coffee maker lets us make less in the afternoon or evening, and lets me indulge my taste buds with a variety of flavored coffees while my husband sticks to his preferred brand of Columbian coffee. There’s just one problem: […]

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How to Review a Blog #BlogCheckup

9 Sep , 2018  

Now and then, it’s a good idea to step back from the blog and take an objective look at its design and usability. Better yet, ask a few friends to do it! 

Here’s a checklist of things to look at when reviewing your blog, or a friend’s.

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IT Security Schloss vor Crypto-Hintergrund - grau - Kontrast by Christoph Scholz

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Time to Change Your Passwords!

6 Sep , 2018  

Just a few little reminders and housekeeping tips for my cyberfriends.

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barcelona market by Karsten Wentink

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Words Have Meaning: Marketing vs Promoting vs Endorsing

6 Sep , 2018  

We needn’t contort every word, twisting bad to mean good, and sick to mean amazing. This is just obfuscation and lunacy. 

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Blogging & Social Media Tips, Technical & How-to

Using Social Media to Complain

9 May , 2018  

Oh, the power of social media! Where once we might have been limited to telling 15 of our closest friends about our negative experience with BrandX, we now have the bully-pulpit of blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and a host of other channels by which to trash our least-favorite brand of the moment. Using social media to […]

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Location Sharing: How and Why (Not)?

28 Apr , 2018  

It’s not a new feature, but I stumbled across Google Maps Location Sharing almost by accident, one weekend, while walking in the park. It seemed prudent to share my location with a few family members and nearby friends, in case I dropped dead of heat exhaustion or got eaten by an alligator. I kid you […]

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