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Create-ation, an Extended Sort of Stay-cation

30 Sep , 2018  

When you’re fed up with the world, and with social media, but it’s still your “playground,” you have to do something. My “something” this month is #Inktober2018 (it is, to art, what NaNoWriMo is to writing). I don’t expect to rise, fully, to the 30 day challenge of #Inktober, nor do I expect too complete a NaNoWriMo novel this year. But I do intend to dive in, to revel in the creative energy, and to take a break from those things that leave me feeling depleted and angry by participating in both.

I ordered my #Inktober supplies on Friday – a big sketchbook with perforated (removable) pages, and a set of black ink pens ranging from itty-bitty, teeny-tiny points to a fat brush marker. I have no idea what I’m doing. I thought I’d browse online for some clues, last night, and I found this YouTube channel, Mary Doodles. And that led me to an app called Amino. Amino led me to numerous creative communities online – all of which appear to be supportive, fun, and well-moderated. Now, if you’re a the parent of a teen, reading this, there is reason for caution: members can create their own interest-based communities. Interactions are anonymous (and identities may be set differently in each community, meaning I could be Tom in one, Jerry in another, and Tweety Bird in a third). But in the larger, well-moderated communities like Art, the rules are pretty strict and well-enforced. There are enough members to keep everyone engaged and focused. Most notably, there’s a lack of political ugliness, and with offices in the New York and Shanghai, it’s got an international flair.

So, for October – Inktober2018, and November – #NaNoWriMo2018, I’ll be hanging out here, and there. Mostly.

I’ll also be voting. Make no mistake, I will be voting.


A few people have asked me about supplies, and which pens I’m using. Really, any pens and paper will do, but I got the Bellofy 100-Sheet Sketchpad Artist Pro, Watercolor, Acrylic Art Pad for Sketching, Ink Sketch Book, Coloring Notebook – 98 Ib/160 g/m2-9 x 12 in Multi-Media Spiral Notebook, Drawing Paper, Drawing Pad and the ~ 10 Black Micro-Pen Fineliner Master Markers with Cotton Bag and eBook ~ Calligraphy Tip Nibs,Waterproof Archival Ink Pens ~ Technical Drawing,Writing,Artist Illustration,Office Documents,Sketching by art2magic

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  1. pm Laberge says:

    Well, it will not let me like it, but I did.

    And you would make a CUTE Tweetie Bird. I feel sorry for the cats.

    Well, draw some more!

    Here are some (annoying) suggestions:

    Holly’s spirit animal.
    Holly’s favourite book, cartoon character, actor, actress, song, singer, dancer, dance, food, dessert, desert, drink, and annoying pest.
    Holly’s favourite, and most hated computer, program, website.
    What Holly would wish for, IF she could wish for, and get anything.
    Holly, (And anybody else!) if they were a sassy fruit, or a healthy vegetable. The animal, insect, plant, Holly dears the most.
    Holly’s stuffed animal collection.
    Holly’s Library. (Both the real one and the Sci fic one.)
    Holly’s friends and enemies, as a newspaper cartoon sketch.

    Every sketch must have 1 ONE paragraph blurb about it.

    I ran out of ideas. Sorry.

    And I MUST run. There are other people to annoy!

    • I like your list a lot, Pete! I may even try to work some in. (There’s an official prompt list that I’m planning to follow; as an amateur, approaching this seriously for the first time, I’m not quite as comfy announcing myself to be a total rebel. BUT – I’m pretty sure some of these will dovetail nicely with it! Thank you.

      Yeah, you can only “Like” posts with the button if you log in via WordPress (which is TOTALLY just optional). I’ll take nice, conversational comments over drive-by “Likes” any day – you know that. 🙂 I appreciate the “Likes,” but they don’t really signify much beyond, “I saw it, didn’t hate it,” do they?

      The one-paragraph blurb is a great idea. Consider the previous post my paragraph for this one. There’s a link, there, don’t you think? Smiling little poisonous mushrooms, snakes, things that make us itch – and taking a break from the snark of social media? 🙂

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