Don’t Judge

5 Dec , 2017  

This was lunch.

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  1. Mike says:

    I had TOO much pizza AND a cookie. Very bad…, can’t lose weight that way. (and I need to, according to my cardiologist)

  2. Looks delicious!

  3. Paul says:

    Can you deliver this to my place, looks delicious! 😋

    • That might be difficult, but the recipe isn’t at all! Google:
      magic bars eagle condensed milk

      That’s also on the box of Keebler Graham cracker crumbs. My grandmother taught me to make them when was a kid. Takes about 10 minutes to prep, about 25-30 to bake, then let cool completely if you care about cutting them into perfect squares. Waiting for that is the hardest part.

  4. I highly recommend using baking parchment. For darned near everything that calls for a “greased cookie sheet” or pie pan, if you want to remove it intact, nicely, without destroying the crust. I’m sure professional bakers have other secrets up their sleeves, but that’s mine.

  5. […] a major milestone, here at A Fresh Perspective. I’d serve up champagne and last week’s decadent lunch to celebrate, but it’s hard to upload that through the Internet. You’ll just have to […]

  6. Hi,
    Its looking very delicious and mouth watering.

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