Exergasia and Eustathia #AtoZChallenge

5 Apr , 2019  


Polaris brightly beckons you – take flight!
Spread wide your feathered arms and fly.
Soar above the moonlit clouds and don’t ask why
When heaven gives you wings to conquer night.


In throes of amorous desire, tongues entwined,
Engaged in silent conversation –
O, my love is fruitful, multiplied! I vow – Eustathia – I mean
Eustacia – no other so enthralls, delights!

If you haven’t guessed by now (or have failed to follow the breadcrumbs) this month’s poetry has mostly been based on rhetorical figures of the same names, and through these little verses, I attempt to provide examples (along with a little sly wordplay, as in the last verse). See SILVA RHETORICAE for more details.

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