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Fish Heads, Fish Heads

24 Jun , 2021  

I am a huge fan of “novelty songs” and satire. “Fish Heads” was never my favorite Dr. Demento hit, but the story of how it became a hit at all just tickles my funny bone. If you’ve never heard Barnes & Barnes “Fish Heads,” watch the video below. After you’ve recovered from the “What the hell did I just watch?” feeling, check out the interview with Bill Mumy on how it came to be.

One day, I hope to win the Bulwer Lytton Fiction Contest. Why? Because it appeals to my “weirdly competitive” side, whereas “win a Pulitzer” or “win a Hugo” seems like one of those goals you sneak up on, strolling along, whistling nonchalantly, pretending like you don’t give a damn, lest the universe send you fish heads in the mail.


I have a new follower on Twitter @OsakaPopstar. I don’t know if they saw this post, or it’s just a funky coincidence – but here’s a fun, updated, punk version:

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  1. That’s a super fun song!

  2. Fish Heads was one of the introductory songs to my learning about Dr. Demento. It was one of my favorite along with Dead Puppies, and more songs came along every week. Great stuff!
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