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Hendiadys, Homologia, and Homeoprophoron #AtoZChallenge

8 Apr , 2019  


Fluff and clouds, drifting, cross the sky.
Birds play hide-and-seek in cotton-candy and whisps of fog,
Their mothers call them home to feathers and nests,
As sunshine and day retreat –
and mine calls me to feathers and bed.

homiologia and homoeoprophoron

He is a little so-and-so, and so
Will not amount to much, too much
Snark, no wit at all. A tall
and witless wonder, wondering
wondering, full of wonder, wondering:
Why does no one like him? Like him?
Why should they, after all – after all he’s
left unsaid, undone? And done
we are, at last, we’re done.


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2 Responses

  1. Stuart Nager says:

    OK. Time to hit Google and find out what the three H’s mean. My head hurts. Waaaa.

    Oh Stu, just click on the word links. Duh.

    My head hurts less, now. Great use of the deeper, darker meanings.
    Stuart Nager recently posted…Gentle Into Night: #AtoZ Blog ChallengeMy Profile

    • LOL I’m old school. I try to include truly HELPFUL links, or enriching links. My links are not a trap (usually, but if they are, it’s not marketing – just innocent mischief), and any sales type links (e. g., Amazon) are to things I’ve used it would buy, myself, or that would LIKELY be useful in the context of the post. Given I’ve earned about $20 EVER from Amazon, and they keep shutting me down for making no sales, it’s about convenience, not profit. 🤣

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