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About Me

It was recently brought to my attention that this blog lacked an “About Me” page. Seems redundant, for a “personal blog,” but I realize you may have stumbled down the rabbit hole while looking for something like “how to get Instagram on Slate 7” or “brain-munching amoeba in Austin” and are now desperately trying to figure out why you landed here, of all places.

Having just gone through several rounds of meetings, wherein the first ten minutes is spent on introductions, I think these things would be great time-savers to have in the workplace, too.

The Visual Version

For the more visually-inclined, there’s this:

Holly Jahangiri

I was asked to introduce myself to the team I had recently joined at work. With one PowerPoint slide containing no words, “to make it more interesting.” Wait, what??!! No words? You ask a writer to tell you about herself without using words? And claim that makes it “more interesting“? What kind of a sadist are you?

I sobbed, I railed, I considered writing an “About Me” essay and taking a picture of the words. And then, I remembered Pinterest.

And I thought, “What better way to showcase my social media skills than to use social media to tell my story visually?”

For the less visually inclined, there’s also “100 GOOD Things About Me.”


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