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Scavenger Hunt May 2018 #Hunt4AFreshPerspective!

1 May , 2018  

It’s SUMMER! It’s a LINK PARTY! Remember summer scavenger hunts, running through the streets with a list of things to bring back from the neighbors? Only kids can get by with that sort of thing, I think! It was fun while it lasted, but just try asking your neighbor for a cup of sugar, a red rubber band, and a USB stick – you’re not going to get too far, these days. We can still have a bit of fun, here on the blogs, though.

Scavenger Hunt List

In your own blog, find/create/describe/do the following things (the more the better, but you can skip the ones that stump you, if you must) – and be creative in your interpretations! Involve other bloggers if you can, and link to them – maybe collaborate, or talk them into playing along! Use words, images, photos, artwork, video, Play-Doh, animation, finger paint – sky’s the limit. Don’t ask ME how to interpret it! Keep it (reasonably) clean. PG-13, thereabouts? Maybe a mild R, at worst? Avoid simply posting a picture of something you found on Google. Better if it came out of your own camera, closet, or junk drawer. Better still if you made it with your own two hands or if you got it from another blogger – just like in a real life scavenger hunt. This one’s virtual, but you’re encouraged to be sociable, quirky, original, and creative. Use hashtag #Hunt4AFreshPerspective in the title of each post, and do try to visit, comment on, and share the other participants’ posts, too!

  • 241543903
  • Warble
  • Hero
  • Strangest food you’ve ever eaten
  • Fountain pen
  • Joke’s on you
  • Humor only an editor could love
  • Key
  • 10 comments, 1 share, #Hunt4AFreshPerspective!
  • Chocolate
  • Paper plane
  • Tea or coffee?
  • Re-enact an Internet meme with real people you know – or create it out of food.
  • Etymology or entomology?
  • A book, well guarded
  • Earworm
  • Letter to an imaginary friend or being
  • Funniest way to get banned from a business establishment
  • Another #Hunt4AFreshPerspective post (not YOURS) on Twitter (share someone else’s posts, or find tweets they’ve shared!)
  • Fiber
  • Recreation
  • Pet rock
  • Bothersome fruit or villainous veggies
  • Dessert FAIL
  • Home for a pet rock
  • Smile (makes people wonder what you’ve been up to)

inLinkz Link Thingy

Your posts go here – click the blue button marked Add your link! You may enter one”kitchen sink” post, or one for each of the items in the Scavenger Hunt List. Links not related to the scavenger hunt will be deleted.

 Loading InLinkz ...

NOTE: If you are unable to enter a post, double-check to be sure your post contains this link, exactly as shown: somewhere in the body of your post. The link thingy will not take your post without that. (If you have a problem, comment below with the URL to your post and I will look into it. Posts unrelated to the scavenger hunt will be deleted.

The party starts NOW! The linky switches to voting mode on June 5, 2018, 12:00 am. The party ends on June 10, 2018, 11:55 pm.

Will there be prizes? Maybe… probably not. Will there be fun? I sure HOPE so!

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7 Responses

  1. Anklebuster says:

    Wow, I knew you would go all out. I don’t have comments enabled on my blog, but I will do a kitchen sink post.



    • I’m glad! So many of the FUN bloggers I used to know don’t seem to be blogging, these days, and aren’t feeling playful (more’s the pity). To be fair, one of them is dead, and he’s not coming back for a scavenger hunt (more’s the pity). Actually, I’ll bet he would, if he could.

      Maybe we can get Marian to play!?

      • Anklebuster says:

        Oh, to have the Hugo-chasers frolicking together, again!

        I only see one or two old-school bloggers still plugging away. I’m sure there are more, but I notice just those that also use Twitter. I logged in to take control of my data. As if that will make any difference…



      • Mitch, you are truly the undisputed winner. I wish someone had tried to compete, but after reading that entry I don’t blame them for admitting defeat as a foregone conclusion. That was delightful!

        I have to admit that between you and Marian Allen (no relation? really?) I feel completely spoiled as a character!

  2. marianallen says:

    Cannot. Not in May. Sounds like fun, though! Next time you run one of these, gimmee a few days’ advance notice. As it is, I think I’ll save that list for next May’s Story-A-Day prompts! Thanks!

  3. Thank you, Holly! Literally years of practice on the CCC helped me do justice to your outstanding scavenger items. Abner is now one of my favorite characters!



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