Inopinatum #AtoZChallenge

9 Apr , 2019  


With spiraled lighthouse as our guide,
No rocks could slow or break us.
Calm swells, the looming storms belied
As we let the fair winds take us.

Bright as the moon that luminous light
But could so bright a beacon shine
Through violent, howling, flashing night
From storm-tossed shoals, and foamy brine?

We prayed the tempest would abate,
Steered hard against the wind and rain.
Would welcome dawn reveal its fate?
To brightly guide us home again.

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2 Responses

  1. Your poetry is fun: I always feel like I’m back in school, memorizing Shakespeare.

    When I first saw the post notification, I misread the title as “Unobtainium” and, given the definition of inopinatum, I was quite pleasantly surprised at the exergasia.

    {cheesy grin: I know not whereof I speak; the definition may be too weak!}


    Mitchell Allen recently posted…AFTER THE LONG, HARD WINTER (PART EIGHT)My Profile

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