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To My Dad, on Father’s Day

Thank you, Dad… …for demonstrating the importance of education, and setting a good example; …for letting me play with your monstrosity of a calculator – I would never understand the math (no ...
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100 GOOD Things About Me

It's easy to write "100 Things About Me." But almost nine years ago, I was challenged to write "100 GOOD Things About Me." Let this serve as an introduction to ...
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Consider the Source

There’s a little game I refuse to play. It’s called, "You can’t be friends with me if you’re friends with [fill in the blank]!" My stock answer to that is, ...
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Mother, Touchstone, Friend

We mothers – we are merely rudders, guiding our children’s ships through the storms and over the turbulent seas of life – we guide them as steadily and as best ...
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Kickerillo-Mischer Nature Preserve

Reflections and Resolutions

Reflections All in all, 2018 has been a good year - personally, professionally, healthwise, and otherwise. I'm too empathetic to say, "2018 has been a terrific year!" because it's been ...
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A Little Bird

A mourning dove smashed against my living room window, the other day. I'd just been thinking about all the birds that had done the same, over and over again - ...
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Resolutions 2018

I considered going back to my former, iron-clad resolution: "Make no stupid resolutions you have no intention of keeping." My commitment - my resolve - has faltered, gradually, the last ...
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Keyboard in Purple

Technologically Challenged and Chuffed!

Technologically Challenged Ever have one of those weeks when everything with electronic, electrical, or mechanical parts would do well to grow legs and run from you? We never even lost ...
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Like a Reservoir

I've said it before: I don't believe in writer's block. The mind is a reservoir. Sometimes, it runs too dry and low on fresh ideas, too sluggish and stagnant to ...
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Sunsetting One Blog, Fresh Start for A Fresh Perspective

Fresh Start, Fresh Perspective

It began with a change of venue, from HostGator to PeoplesHost. After nearly a decade, it was time for a fresh start. Rather than blow away the old blog, I ...
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