OK, Doomer…

24 Jun , 2021  

Not gonna lie. Having my first post on Imgur go “Most Viral” (in a good way!) in under two hours was kind of fun.

OK, Doomer

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  1. Good stuff, Holly!! Now I’m trying to remember where I first learned the dismissive “OK, Boomer.” I think it was one of my kids…sigh.


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    • Pretty sure I first heard it from my son, but he assured me it had been used on him, also. It’s an attitude, not an age. Yeah, right.

      And this meme is a cautionary tale, but do they listen? Hell no, they don’t listen! LOL I only have to blog another 13 years to hear, “OMG, you were so right!” I can wait.

  2. Ally Bean says:

    Very clever. Nice to be recognized for being creative. *Yay* you.
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    • As it says in the credits, it was a team effort – I just pulled it all together in one meme. But you’re right, it is nice to get that kind of recognition for something creative.

  3. Mike says:

    That was quite quick …less than 2 hours!! Adding fun to the sensitive issues gets more attention and also awareness.. Must say thats awesome..
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    • That WAS quick, wasn’t it? I was shocked – kind of made my day. I think my husband was less impressed with my screaming out, “Honey, I just went viral!” (Too soon? ::shrug::) He’s good at keeping me grounded. He just rolled his eyes when I explained, “I think I own the Internet, now!” Oh, well. 🙂

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