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Poisonous #Inktober #Inktober2018

1 Oct , 2018  

Day 1 prompt: poisonous

Reference images:

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  1. pm laberge says:


    Did I ever tell you my aunt Yvonne’s OLD joke about the widow who lost 3 hubbies to bad mushrooms? Maybe something I would best email, because, this is public, here!

    I worry about giving you ideas, sometimes, though!

  2. Nice! I’m wondering what ink and pens you use. I can’t draw, but I’m so tempted to take up this challenge.

    • My supplies:
      ~ 10 Black Micro-Pen Fineliner Master Markers with Cotton Bag and eBook ~ Calligraphy Tip Nibs,Waterproof Archival Ink Pens ~ Technical Drawing,Writing,Artist Illustration,Office Documents,Sketching
      by art2magic
      Bellofy 100-Sheet Sketchpad Artist Pro, Watercolor, Acrylic Art Pad for Sketching, Ink Sketch Book, Coloring Notebook – 98 Ib/160 g/m2-9 x 12 in Multi-Media Spiral Notebook, Drawing Paper, Drawing Pad

  3. Holly, I’m betting my Mont Blanc that your drawing was inspired by your pareidolia. The reference image really looks like a wistful waif looking up into the rafters of a towering umbrella.

    I recognized the oak leaves and the snake – but now, two things elude me: the name of the snake species and a pareidolia-related word that describes … ah, never mind. I did a quick search and found apophenia. I love that word!

    Hmmm, is my rambling similar to what supposedly pretentious people do when they look at art? If so, I finally get it! LOL

    I can’t wait to see what your next sketch reveals.



  4. I really want that Mont Blanc, but I cannot tell a lie – of course it was. (Which is part of the reason I included that reference image, to see if anyone else saw in it what I did! The perfect little cartoon characters, aren’t they?) I’m not sure apophenia fits, unless… maybe in the little mushroom’s poisonous ivy “angel wings”… anthropomorphism fits, too, really.

    The snake’s a coral snake (“Red on black, friend of Jack; red on yellow, kill a fellow.”)

    The acorns and oak leaves are just meant to suggest their happy little habitat. Not sure there’s all that much significance there.

    I don’t think your ramblings are at all pretentious. The pretentiousness that always bugged me about the art world (and is probably perpetuated more by curators than the artists themselves) is this notion that you’re wrong, and incapable of understanding their art, because you haven’t got a good eye or the educational background to recognize the immense TALENT it takes to produce utter nonsense (sorry, I still take issue with Jo Baer and Marcel duChamps – I just…can’t). I used to tease my friend Todd Kruse, sending him my “interpretations” of his abstract art. He took it so well, and we talked about it so much, I actually began to appreciate abstract and modern art. (Still hate “Fountain” and “Brilliant Yellow #9” (or was it #18? #16? #5? whatever…)

  5. Ha-ha, sounds like you’re describing wine-tasters. I definitely do not have the knowledge to detect the earthy aromas and subtle hints of leaded gas in a goblet of Thunderbird.

    I like that memory aid for the snake, but I will give both of them a wide berth. As for the apophenia, it was just the subject of seeing faces that made me think of it. It wasn’t meant to be related to your drawing.

    Also, I don’t have a Mont Blanc, but I do have an Intensely Positive! LOL



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