24 Jun , 2021  

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And so it begins again…

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Rise, dark Phoenix, touch the sky
Let those who would lay claim
To each prized and precious feather
Try to soar on stolen wings

Their unearned flight as fleeting
As the wind that lifts, embraces you–
Casting them from their pretentious heights.

Even now, you would turn back
Risking gilded, earthbound cage
Borne down by conscience, knowing
It was you alone that gave them faith.

What silly creatures mortals are
To make your feathers into myths
Obliging you to save them from their folly.

Cursed, because you can, their need
A jesse, a lure–their loss
They never dared reach out and touch
The rapid-beating heart within.

A rush of wings, an anguished mortal cry
Abandoned by the gods of their creation
Maybe now they’ll learn to stand…

Only then can they follow you in flight.


Copyright 1990-2019 Holly Jahangiri.
Previously published in Walking the Earth: Life’s Perspectives in Poetry.


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It was a dark and stormy night,
When Wrath, the bird of prey, took flight.
Above the wind I heard her cry –
The hunter cast a falcon’s eye
Upon the filthy creatures’ lair
Without regard to foul or fair.
Three eggs – and now, an empty nest;
Three rats – their hunger sated, blessed.
When Wrath, the bird of prey, took flight,
Rapacious in her appetite,
It was a dark and stormy night.


Copyright 2001-2019 Holly Jahangiri


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  1. Holly,

    That was fun. (I had a whole ‘nother comment and absently Ctrl-Entered, without having filled in the deets. Groan.)

    I love seeing the silly side of your writing.


    Mitchell Allen recently posted…The World-wide EruvMy Profile

  2. So, that’s three whole comments you’ve tried to enter, now? That’s going above and beyond, and I do appreciate it, Mitch!

    Next stop (before, or after, Kroger’s?? Hmmm…) is CCC. I need do write more silly writing, myself. Shall we launch the boat again? I mean, I THINK the ISSN is still valid, and I know the domain is still active, and I’m pretty sure the ship’s still flying – maybe “launch” is the wrong word, and it ought to have been “reel in the tether”?
    Holly Jahangiri recently posted…ShadowbirdMy Profile

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