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Share the Love, Save a School #HelpMithuSaveSchool

14 Feb , 2019  

Think back to the people who influenced you as a kid, and turned you into the person you are, today. Your parents, your friends, your neighbors, your teachers, and all the people you encountered, every day, in your community.

Now, imagine that just a few thousand dollars can make all the difference to hundreds of children and their teachers at a small school in Ohkla, an industrial suburb of New Delhi.

Show the Love, Save a School

Flowers last a week, learning is a lifelong gift. Why not make a donation in the name of a loved one? You have the opportunity, right now, to help save a school that has made a lifelong difference to disadvantaged children – helping them grow up into happy, confident, productive adults who give back to their community. You can help through a financial contribution, or by sharing the stories of Project Why with your friends and inspiring them to give. Either way you’ll be making a difference.

Your Donations at Work:

  • Project WHY reaches out to 1200 children and 160 women.
  • Children gaining secondary education at the centre will be going in for higher education, and staying away from life on the streets.
  • Computer education has changed Mithu Mandal’s life, and he’s passing on his expertise to others who are gaining the skills essential at a modern workplace.
  • The teachers Mithu MandalPushpa Kumar, Sophiya Tirkey, Naresh Bhardwaj belong to the underprivileged community, so when you donate towards their salaries, you’re directly donating to the community and not a non-profit overhead. Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing their stories, each just as inspiring and full of spirit as Mithu’s.
  • The laptop will be given to Mithu. This will enable him to take courses, which he will use to improve his teaching curriculum.

Donate online to the Fundraiser

Still thinking about it? Read more stories about Project Why Ohkla Centre here and at the Valentine’s Day Blogathon: Save a School! (Got a blog? Learn more and join in!)

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3 Responses

  1. Damyanti says:

    Thank you so much, Holly!

    You named this blogathon, and have supported Project WHY since the last fundraiser. Both I and the teachers at Project WHY can’t thank you enough.

  2. Thank you so much Holly for your support and love. I have no words to express my gratitude and the gratitude of all the teachers and children of Project Why! I just hope that you will one day come and see us. Love and hugs

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