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Swollen #Inktober #Inktober2018

17 Oct , 2018  

What do you think of, when you read the word “swollen”?

Which of those things would you choose to draw, and post online?

I was leaning towards a pregnant belly, but that isn’t exactly “swollen.” It’s normal and beautiful, large and fecund… But the thing most often swollen in pregnancy is feet. And fingers.

Then I thought of cans. Swollen with botulinum toxin. We already did “poisonous.” And snakes, yes. Hush.

I considered the swollen black eye of a boxer. A swollen, blackened… Yeah, didn’t want to gross you out.

There was an old python who swallowed a goat…

I don’t know how he swallowed the goat… I guess he’ll bloat.

Reference Image

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