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Bandwagon #AtoZChallenge

2 Apr , 2019  

While most parents do want their children to be outstanding in their talents, their academic skills, their job offers, few parents want their children to stand out as the class clown or the neighborhood oddball. Enter the Bandwagon Fallacy.

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Blogging & Social Media Tips, Op-Ed

Repurposing Content or Self-Plagiarism?

13 Sep , 2018  

You could call this post “mental compost,” wherein I throw the mental scraps about reusing content, self-plagiarism, and even propaganda into one post, shake it up, and hope it will fertilize new ideas.

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I’m Not a Patsy for Russian Propaganda, YOU Are! :P

25 Mar , 2018  

Listening to people argue that there is no way they were manipulated by some foreign power’s social media propaganda machine is both amusing and disheartening. I can understand deep denial and the impulse to say, “Hey, even though I shared 79 posts from a known Russian bot, no way was my vote influenced by it!” […]

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