Inopinatum #AtoZChallenge

9 Apr , 2019  

Of course it’s a rhetorical question – isn’t that the nature of a lighthouse?

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Poetry, Writing

Hendiadys, Homologia, and Homeoprophoron #AtoZChallenge

8 Apr , 2019  

hendiadys Fluff and clouds, drifting, cross the sky. Birds play hide-and-seek in cotton-candy and whisps of fog, Their mothers call them home to feathers and nests, As sunshine and day retreat – and mine calls me to feathers and bed. homiologia and homoeoprophoron He is a little so-and-so, and so Will not amount to much, […]

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Exergasia and Eustathia #AtoZChallenge

5 Apr , 2019  

If you haven’t guessed by now (or have failed to follow the breadcrumbs) this month’s poetry has mostly been based on rhetorical figures of the same names, and through these little verses, I attempt to provide examples (along with a little sly wordplay, as in the last verse).

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On Writing, Poetry

Distractio #AtoZChallenge

4 Apr , 2019  

Just poetry and wordplay, in a rhetorical sense.

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On Writing, Op-Ed

Bandwagon #AtoZChallenge

2 Apr , 2019  

While most parents do want their children to be outstanding in their talents, their academic skills, their job offers, few parents want their children to stand out as the class clown or the neighborhood oddball. Enter the Bandwagon Fallacy.

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