Dictionary page turned to the word observant, with the hashtag OneWord365.

Op-Ed, Writing

Observant: My #OneWord365 for 2020

24 Jun , 2021  

I don’t like limits. I’m good at commitment, when it matters. But, pay attention: the word, for 2020, is “observant.” Read closely; there may be a quiz, later, Watson.

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Hell's Little Paving Stones

Limitless #WOTY #WOTY2019

28 Dec , 2018  

I don’t like these games. There’s a carnival barker in my head, holding out an enormous deck of tarot cards: “Pick a word, any word, just one word to be your guiding light in the coming year…”  No! I sense a trap. Resist… yes, that’s a good word. The whole idea triggers an obstinate resistance. […]

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