To My Dad, on Father’s Day

16 Jun , 2019  

Thank you, Dad…

…for demonstrating the importance of education, and setting a good example;

…for letting me play with your monstrosity of a calculator – I would never understand the math (no doubt, to your everlasting frustration), but its resemblance to a typewriter surely had some influence on me;

…for your even temper;

…for taking me nice places, even when I was wearing the “Lucy” button or vying for the “piggy prize”;

…for teaching me the value of a firm handshake and direct eye contact (even if this is interpreted as some sort of sexual come-on in 26 countries outside the U.S.);

…for sound career advice, morning coffee, and commiseration;

…for always being proud of me;

…for helping me find ways around obstacles, like arbitrary age rules for Freshmen, and such, so I didn’t bloody my forehead too badly banging it against brick walls or glass ceilings;

…for raising me to believe there was nothing I couldn’t do, if I could read and wanted badly enough to do it (except maybe Chem I and Math);

…for always being there for me, and a thousand other little things (and big ones), Happy Father’s Day!


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  1. Unishta says:

    what a reassuring childhood you must have had. Dad’s are always our quiet strengths. I learnt a lot from my dad too.

  2. DoD says:

    Thank you sweetie. You do know how to bring a tear to my eye don’t you! Thank you so much for being a wonderful daughter.

  3. Patrick Chase says:

    And thank you, Holly, for allowing me to recognize (with some confidence) that my kids have that commonality of appreciation for those things we dads unconsciously do under the guidance of love.

  4. Rasheed Hooda says:

    Thank you, for articulating so beautifully for all of us who are thinking and feeling the same things.

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