A Quick Look Back on Things Worth Remembering from 2017

31 Dec , 2017  

It is always worth remembering – and reminding each other: #InDarknessBeLight. After saying “goodbye and don’t let the door hit you in the behind” to 2016, I signed up for the We Are the World Blogfest (#WATWBF). I thought that the blogfest sounded like a terrific way to counter all the negative news 24/7 and to focus on the people who, daily, demonstrate kindness and leadership by example.

Remember all the moaning and wailing on social media about how cruel 2016 was? I said then, “Never ask, ‘How much worse could it be?'” And right on cue, 2017 laughed and chortled, “Here, hold my beer.” No matter how determined I was to develop a habit of actively seeking the good news, it was hard not to occasionally wallow in a cynical, defeatist funk or to get caught up in righteous indignation at each new socio-political outrage. If I’m wallowing, you can bet some are drowning. Social media has a way of nurturing a misery loves miserable company gripefest. 2017 has challenged us to look for reasons to be happy, to be snatch up opportunities to be good to one another, to be compassionate, to be kind, and to be hopeful for the future. This year, more than most in recent memory, has challenged our faith in each other and in humanity.

But it has not been a terrible year, unless we focus only on the constant background noise and drama of politics and hate. Refresh your memories of 2017 with these reminders of some of the many good and positive things that happened:

The Women’s March 2017

On January 21, 2017, people of all backgrounds–women and men and gender nonconforming people, young and old, of diverse faiths, differently abled, immigrants and indigenous–came together, 5 million strong, on all seven continents of the world. We were answering a call to show up and be counted as those who believe in a world that is equitable, tolerant, just and safe for all, one in which the human rights and dignity of each person is protected and our planet is safe from destruction. Grounded in the nonviolent ideology of the Civil Rights movement, the Women’s March was the largest coordinated protest in U.S. history and one of the largest in world history.

The #metoo Movement (and the #itwasme response)

That time when the whole world saw what it meant to be #HoustonStrong (with a lot of help from our friends around the nation and the world):

Others have compiled lists, already:

I wouldn’t have thought that Business Insider would be the one to bring a happy tear to my eye, but their 15 incredible things that happened this year that will give you hope for the future did.

A reminder from the animal kingdom that we can all get along. It’s not even that difficult!

And Google’s 2017 retrospective is a reminder that, in the midst of disaster and tragedy, there is hope for humanity.

The highlight of 2017, for us, included my daughter, Katie, earning her Masters degree from Northeastern University in Boston, and getting married – she chose well, and we are happy to welcome her husband, Michael, into the family.

What are some good things worth remembering, as we bid adieu to 2017? Share them with me, in the comments section below. Just as squirrels store up nuts for the winter, we can never get enough happy news and warm memories!

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  1. Laura Routh says:

    My oldest son got engaged. I moved back to a town I love and lived in years ago (I’d been plotting this for a while!). My youngest son is attending an awesome school that meets his needs better than any other school he’s attended. I published my first piece of journalism. And this post was such a good idea because it makes me reflect on the good things instead of the challenges ahead. Thank you!

    • All in all, sounds like a fantastic year! And I’m glad this post helped to serve as a reminder to reflect on the good. I can’t help but think that’s what keeps us sane in the midst of insanity. 🙂 In fact, making this part of our daily routine might be a good idea. (Is that what those gratitude journals are all about??)

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