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Aug 21, 2021 | Fitness, MyFitnessPal

SparkPeople: End of an Era

SparkPeople is dead; long live SparkAmerica!

I’d already noticed that most of my SparkPeople friends had left the site or become inactive, years ago. What do they say: “Use it or lose it”? I hadn’t been very active there, myself. In March, I switched from the Fitbit I’d used for years to the Garmin vivoactive 4s. I joined the YMCA. Data seemed (at the time) to sync better with MyFitnessPal, and I ditched Fitbit when it tried to credit me with the superhuman feat of walking 49 miles in a day. Friends were amazed and impressed! I was not.

But MyFitnessPal has improved a lot since I first joined in 2012, and now offers the best tracking of food and exercise of any site I’m aware of. It has some social features, as well: an active Community Forum, status updates, and even blogging. Sort of.

Blogging on MyFitnessPal

I’m tempted to say that MyFitnessPal is the worst possible blogging platform ever, but that would be grossly unfair. I said the same thing about SparkPeople. Yet we former SparkPeople muddled through and had a fairly thriving community of bloggers. I think it’s fair to say that blogging isn’t MyFitnessPal’s core business and it’s not what they need to excel at, is it?

Former SparkPeople, Sparkers, Sparkly Peeps, people who love to blog: See Brennan Armacost’s post, New Page to My Blog if you have or would like to start your own blog and have it found more easily than it is here on MyFitnessPal. Even if you’re only blogging on MyFitnessPal, it might get you a few more readers. “Blogrolls” are old school, but they served us well, back before Facebook made them seem obsolete.

It’s not as if I’m new to blogging and have no frame of reference. See A Little Trip Down Memory Lane – on my real blog.

If you blog on MyFitnessPal, be sure to write your posts offline, on your PC. I think that the editor, there, times out – and when that happens, POOF! Your post vanishes into the ether. So write fast, write short, or save often. Or write offline. Also, beware of using the HTML tab. I tried that, too, and lost the whole post.

Like I said, blogging is hardly MyFitnessPal’s core business or its biggest draw. Let the development team work on making app integrations and forum searches work flawlessly – there are plenty of places to start a free (or relatively inexpensive) blog. What you get by blogging on MyFitnessPal, is the option to limit readership to members of MyFitnessPal or your friends on MyFitnessPal only. That is a little harder to implement on a free blog, and may be important to you if you don’t want to share your “fitness journey” with the whole wide world.

Be Wary and Wise

If you initiate a friend request on any social media platform, including MyFitnessPal, please introduce yourself. Have a public/all members profile that’s filled out completely. Don’t send me a friend request and ask me to introduce myself, first! If we’ve interacted, extensively, in comments or on another site, and I recognize you and you recognize me, that’s one thing. But if I send you a friend request out of the blue, I promise I’m not offended if you challenge me to explain where we met or why I think we ought to be friends. I’m grateful to those who’ve accepted, but I hold myself accountable to this rule, too – feel free to say, “Halt! Who goes there!” before letting me in.

Fakes exist on MyFitnessPal, too. I just yeeted one this morning. They exist on every social site.

I wish that more people understood the following terms better:

  • hacking
  • phishing
  • virus
  • malware
  • social engineering
  • phishing

Most of what’s referred to as “hacking” isn’t. Few people want or need your Facebook credentials. But they will happily steal your photos to create a more believable fake – or “imposter” – account. If you have accidentally friended a fraud, usually on the strength of a photo and mutual connections, they will have access to any information you’ve shared with friends, including personal posts and photos. This is a form of “social engineering.” From here, the attacker worms his way into people’s confidence and tricks them into divulging information they normally wouldn’t.

Please read Social Engineering Attacks for a fairly clear description of various social engineering schemes. Really read it. Even in organizations where cybersecurity is part of the culture, the most savvy people are still at some risk – especially those who think they’re too smart to be outwitted by a cybercriminal. I like to say that most of us are just one cup of coffee away from a bad decision, some days.

Another good report, if you have a little time on your hands: Social Engineering Attacks – MDPI This isn’t just about staying safe on MyFitnessPal or Facebook. It’s about things like keeping your financial accounts, healthcare data, and other personal information secure. So please, take the time to read and get familiar with how these things work. Stop saying “I’ve been hacked,” when in fact, someone’s wormed their way into your confidence and enticed you to click a bad link that sends malware to your friends, or talks you into giving them your credit card number, or preys on your fears and gives you a fake bank login page where they collect your social security number or password. That’s not “hacking.” That’s social engineering. Remember the rule with vampires? They can’t cross the threshold until you invite them in.


Holly Jahangiri is the author of Trockle, illustrated by Jordan Vinyard; A Puppy, Not a Guppy, illustrated by Ryan Shaw; and the newest release: A New Leaf for Lyle, illustrated by Carrie Salazar. She draws inspiration from her family, from her own childhood adventures (some of which only happened in her overactive imagination), and from readers both young and young-at-heart. She lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband, J.J., whose love and encouragement make writing books twice the fun.


  1. Brennan Armacost

    It sounds like you know a lot about this subject! One thing people should be aware of is that just recently, thousands of US companies were hacked, and we need to change all of our passwords! I’m slow, but I’m finally going to each company I interact with and changing all of my passwords.

    P.S. Thank you for the mention in your blog! My list is for former Spark members, but if My Fitness Pal members would like included, I can add them at the end. It’s all good! Thanks again!
    Brennan Armacost recently posted…New Skills for a New StartMy Profile

    • Holly Jahangiri

      Hi! Glad you followed my breadcrumbs over here, and you are so right. Just this past week, TMobile announced a massive data breach.

      One cybersecurity expert joked with me once that the best password is the complex one you forget and have to reset each time your log on. I also found a list showing that depending on the length, even more than the complexity, of your password, how long it would take to crack it using sophisticated software. Long phrases are good.


    Followed you over from Brennan’s blog.

    Your cautions here are well worth noting. I think there was a somewhat inflated sense of safety and security on SP, due to familiarity. A lot of folks seemed to have no idea their message board posts and blog posts were available for anyone in the world to read…

    I see you mention having a Garmin account linked with MFP. I tried that, but MFP started sending incorrect weights to my Garmin account, so I had to disconnect the two. (From what little I could find about this problem on the internet, that is the customary solution)

    It’s a little annoying, but not a big loss for me. I’ve logged my food on LoseIt since 2011 and was only using SP for support by the time it went dark.

    Im glad you’ve found a solution you’re happy with, and that works for you! 😀
    4A-HEALTHY-BMI recently posted…Starting over, over hereMy Profile

    • Holly Jahangiri

      Thanks! I wish I could get not only the former SparkPeople, but also my Facebook friends, women, authors – everyone, really – to understand the cautions. I think I was BLOCKED by a woman on Facebook for trying to explain the difference between “hacking” and “phishing.” She did NOT like being wrong about anything, but the difference is important there when you’re reporting someone’s account for being “hacked” when it’s NOT. You can get them locked out, instead of the imposter.

      Oh, yes – those SparkPeople blogs and posts were completely public. For better or worse, it appears that the results are not in Google cache. 😉 You can still read first sentences.

      Where were your weights coming from? I have so many things daisy-chained together it’s ridiculous. Garmin Connect, MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, and Google Fit. And it takes all of them to get weights from my bluetooth scale. It’s ridiculous. (I’m not entirely sure it does need Google Fit, but I’m tired of experimenting with endless combinations and it MOSTLY works now.) But Fitbit appears to be the only thing that does the scale correctly (or, really, at all). The sync is off a bit. Probably what was happening is that it was sending yesterday’s weight (or the last weigh-in) late.

      I was pretty much the opposite – logging on SparkPeople, but not really socializing much, there, after realizing on my last return how many of my friends there had not posted in hundreds – or thousands – of days. I even did the “welcome wagon” thing twice, but people weren’t sticking with it. That was kind of discouraging, even if most of them never even responded to the first “Hello.” I can see why they changed direction; the site was losing momentum, as far as I could tell. It had all the tools, but there was also a ton of inactive “clutter.” And that felt sad. MFP feels more like the OLD SparkPeople, and as active SparkPeople migrate there, even moreso. But yeah, this morning, I have another spurious friend request from someone using a stock photo as their “profile pic.” This is why I made my little declaration to the world: they did none of these things in sending the request. Makes it easier to be cynical about Declining it. 😉 The other is still sending me messages. I don’t get it. Well, I do – just kind of waiting for the hook, if you know what I mean. LOL (Unfriended, so no one else gets the wrong idea.) Lately, on Facebook, the hook starts out, “Did I tell you my good news?” and ends with them giving me a URL or a phone number for some contact to help in getting a government grant for some ridiculous amount of money. Nope. One big “tell”? The appeal to greed. Who couldn’t use an extra hundred thou in their bank account, eh?


    Sorry if this is a duplicate; last time I commented I got a confirmation and this time I didn’t. It also isn’t remembering who I am, “for future commenting.” I’m using a flaky cell data connection and things sometimes get lost.

    “Where were your weights coming from?”
    That’s the $1,000,000 question, LOL!

    Like you, I’ve got various apps/services connected, in varying degrees:; Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, LoseIt, MFP, MapMyFitness. (I think I’ve turned off everything else). The problem started when I connected MFP and Garmin. It stopped when I disconnected them. Unfortunately the connection between those two is “all or nothing;” I don’t have the granular control to turn on one-way directions for certain kinds of data.

    And the weights that were showing up in Garmin were very odd. Every 15 minutes, values I hadn’t entered, trending downwards to weights I haven’t been lately (I’m working on getting there, but I certainly don’t need my apps “cheating” for me! 😂). The only culprit I haven’t checked since it happened was MapMyFitness; perhaps the last time I put a weight in there, over a year ago, it was lower. And I know MFP and MMF have a tight history.. If that doesn’t have a weight listed, then I have no other suspects left, LOL

    It was easier to just disconnect Garmin from MFP, at least for now, to avoid having to play whack-a-mole, deleting spurious weights that kept showing up in Garmin, all day and night. 😬

    Anyway, I do my own TDEE calculations, and I don’t need Garmin or MFP for that. I prefer to manually set my calorie and macro targets in LoseIt, anyway. I guess I’m just an old school retrogrouch. My car has a stick, too. 😉

    MFP can still see my Garmin “workouts” (via Apple Health) and whatever steps I do while the phone is on me, so the friends I have over there can see I’m still alive and kicking. That’s enough for me, LOL. BTW, since you have my email address, feel free to add me, if you like, on either MFP, Garmin, or both.. I’ll give ya a “thumbs up” when I see something good float by 😉

    As far as people being generally clueless and defensive, I finally closed my FB last year because of that. I’m a Gen X and the increasingly performative aspect of the place grossed me out.

    I see that same thing pretty much all over, but FB was especially full of it so I decided to leave, for my own mental health. I think it took 6 days, before anyone even noticed (or at least said something)

    As far as coming back to SP at the beginning of this year, I suppose I was lucky to have been active in the maintenance team. A lot of my old buddies were still there, and they welcomed me back enthusiastically. That’s one reason I decided to create a tracker-agnostic place for that team to continue to meet and communicate, if they chose.

    It’s not the same as SP, (nothing will be, and as you pointed out, even SP wasn’t the same as it had been, with the teams turning into ghost towns, the site fraying around the edges, a seemingly separate group of folks interacting on the impersonal, FB-like, canned meme-filled community feed, etc). But that Google group is filling a need for me, to communicate with other weight loss veterans and long-haulers, and between that and the new blogs folks are setting up, and dipping into the MFP feed now and then, I think I’ve got what I need to keep on keeping on. ❤️
    4A-HEALTHY-BMI recently posted…RIP, 💖My Profile

    • Holly Jahangiri

      I hope that, now that you have a couple of approved comments here, the comment system will (a) not give you any troubles; and (b) remember you (though if you have anything that blocks cookies, that could be why it doesn’t).

      I THINK that the weights come through Fitbit. (I use a scale by Weight Gurus. The MFP connection does nothing. I have both Fitbit and Google Fit connected to the scale app, and both are picking up the weigh-ins. But I think MFP only syncs with them once a day, so if I weigh in twice, that one gets missed. I know that both Fitbit and Google Fit have the latest weigh-in, and that may get picked up by MFP the next morning. I’m trying to keep an eye on it to figure it out, but a manual sync does absolutely nothing.)

      Also, MFP syncs to Garmin Connect if you hit “Complete Diary.” (It seems to do so at other, somewhat random, times.) As long as it doesn’t start “double dipping” (crediting me with a higher calorie burn because it’s picking up data from two sources and can’t tell it’s not overlapping), I’m fine with this nonsense. But you’d think, by now, they’d have come up with some common standardized API that would let any site/app work with any tracker, wouldn’t you?

      I think that MyFitnessPal and ALL the MapMy… apps are owned by UnderArmour. That’s a bit more than a “tight history.” 🙂

      re: Facebook – I hear you. I generally ignore my news feed and run my wall like a moderated forum. My friends know I’ll block them if they can’t play nice, and that includes being kind (firm, but respectful) when debating issues with other friends. I feel selfish, sometimes – but I think most of my friends know that I’ll come look at their walls, too, if they want me to. 😉 I just don’t venture away from my own safe happy place. I’ve tried to leave. Unfortunately, I have too many friends who have become hopelessly mired in it and won’t keep in touch any other way. I guess I’m not much better at it, now, myself. But if you search this blog for “facebook” you’ll find I’m not at all shy about criticizing or mocking the site, and think civilization would be better off without it. Maybe without the internet, altogether. Unfortunately, I think that ship has sailed.

      “I think it took 6 days, before anyone even noticed (or at least said something)” – I’m sorry, I’m laughing. It’s so true. But I’ve moderated forums online since 1989, and this is nothing new. You either get over it, or drown in tears and beer. People have the attention span of a gnat on day 2.876 of a three-day lifecycle. I’ve missed the news of real life tragedies and disasters of friends. But then, really, Facebook is hardly the place you want to learn bad news from, not from people you really care about. It is unfortunately confusing people regarding the proper way to communicate anything – but so has email done.

      SparkPeople’s forums were as awful as MFP’s blogging platform. LOL From a TECHNICAL standpoint, that is. People were another matter. I think that “friend feed” might actually have been the death of SparkPeople – as you say, “canned, impersonal, FB-like” – ultimately, like FB, “performative.” We’re all overwhelmed with information – if we all had an emoji that just meant, “Hey, yeah, noted,” and not “Like,” “Love,” “Hate your guts,” it might be better. “Saw it, but didn’t feel like having a whole conversation about it.” OMG, can you imagine? But isn’t it the truth, most days?

      I think maybe – just MAYBE – we’re starting to see a fragmenting of “centralized social media” on big, faceless, corporate platforms, and a resurgence of little communities organized around people who share interests and whose personalities mesh. I hope so! Blogging was a lot more fun before around 2009, when everyone and their dog decided “blogging” was a lucrative proposition and others were thrilled to develop and sell courses on “how to blog” and “how to make money in your sleep.” Blarg. I spend about $200/year on my website. It’s a moderately inexpensive hobby, and it’s MINE (within reason – as long as my hosting company and I agree on price and terms). Facebook will never be mine, and they can shut me off in a heartbeat without recourse.

      Anyway – I’m off to return the favor of your marvelous comments (really, this is what makes blogging FUN for me) with a visit to your blog.

    • Holly Jahangiri

      FYI, yes – it was a duplicate. There were two in spam. 🙂 I don’t think that will happen again, though. Always good to save a copy of a long post or comment offline, just to be safe. 😀


    Interesting about the spam destination for two of my commenting attempts. I suspect my slow cell connection interferes with authentication protocols. That might explain the Blogger comment issues, too; it doesn’t do much good to logged in to Google, if Google can’t successfully authenticate that fact! LOL

    I’m trying from within the WordPress app now, where I’m logged in,, and it’s saying I’ve already posted this comment, but I haven’t seen a confirmation of that.., huh. So maybe this will end up in spam also.

    I believe MFP has actually split away from the MapMyXYZ apps; one of them was sold to another company; I think it might have been MFP sold by UA to a private investment firm? Anyway, I need to check MMF to see if it’s hit an ancient out of date weight hanging around in there… otherwise I’m pretty much out of suspects, and I’ll have reached the point of diminishing returns as far as figuring it out. It’s really OK the way things are now, LOL. I’d be better off spending that time taking an actual walk, than messing around with how fitness apps share my steps. The irony is so thick, it’s palpable. 😂

    “” if we all had an emoji that just meant, “Hey, yeah, noted,” and not “Like,” “Love,” “Hate your guts,” it might be better. “Saw it, but didn’t feel like having a whole conversation about it.””

    Hahahaha – isn’t that what the little “HUGS” on the pink heart was for?! 😉

    Now I use this 💖

    I think the internet as a whole was more fun, “back in the day.” I think that’s why I regressed all the way back to Usenet, by creating a Google group in response to SP’s closure. I was raised on the arpanet, in the days of CRT terminals with green phosphors. When the screens that glowed *orange* came out, “ooooh sexy!” 😂

    Email is clunky, but it *works.*. It still works, decades and decades later, after most people don’t even remember the VMS or TOPS operating systems; heck even AOL cds are probably collectors’ items, by this point! (I use those thin metal tins to store magnetic poetry, LOL)

    Glad you found that Group, BTW. Those folks are veterans of the Weight Wars. The old AG&M+TM team on SP was full of wise, generous people who had struggled and mostly won, and were more than happy to share their experiences. I never dreamed back in the summer of 2011 when I came up with the idea of maintenance challenges, that they’d be so popular they’d run continuously for 10+ years! (I stopped in 2015 and others have kept hosting them, all this time.)

    …and here we are now, SP receding into the past, and those challenges and many of the team still around, supporting each other celebrating their annual maintenance anniversaries, and carrying on, into the future. 🚀
    4A-HEALTHY-BMI recently posted…Stride mathMy Profile

    • Holly Jahangiri

      Well, hi there! Sorry it took me a bit to fish your comment from the moat. At least you understand the technological issues that are (probably) involved and know it’s nothing personal! I have told the Bouncer to at LEAST bring you tea, and not toss you to the gators, next time.

      Suggestion: go slower, don’t post a second or third version right away. That “duplicate comment” thing usually IS a timing issue, but it’s letting them through and they’re landing in spam. And it may be (not from ME, but on WordPress) getting you dinged by Akismet. (I’m not even running Akismet – I have a different Bouncer. He’s cute, but stern. Does not take guff from anyone! I have a very dear friend whose comments always land in the moat – no clue why. She’s very sweet!)


      I’d be better off spending that time taking an actual walk…

      Hahahahaha…isn’t that the truth? The “pretty, shiny things” we find to waste our time on. I read an article the other day, on Medium, that may explain a lot of this:

      And no, that’s not what hearts and flowers are for. Could we get any more insincere? ROFL I mean, most of the time. How about a check mark? Or the ol’ 😐 face? (I’m not sure if emojis work in comments on this blog. I feel like I should know this, and I’m pretty sure I will, soon enough. Obviously they do – if you’re commenting on mobile using the wordpress app. I mean on the back end. You know.)

      Well ALL RIGHT – we’re officially dinosaurs! I remember thinking ISPF was an amazing word processor, because it had TS (text split) and TF (text flow). AOL CDs were always collectors’ items – they make great coasters for your beer. I once made an entire door decoration “Christmas tree” out of old CDs (Microsoft SDK and AOL cast-offs), complete with blinky lights.

      • 4A-HEALTHY-BMI

        I have always been an EMACS chick, myself… I keep Cygwin installed on my laptop so I can have it handy. 😉
        4A-HEALTHY-BMI recently posted…RIP, 💖My Profile

        • Holly Jahangiri

          That’s one thing I’ve heard of, but never used! But it is really nice to talk to another woman whose computer experience stems from about the same time as mine!

          • 4a-healthy-bmi

            LOL. There aren’t that many of us, are there???

            I bet you might even heard of the Magic Word XYZZY, and know what it does!


            PS It appears that if I click the “reply” link in an email on my computer, I get the promised hot cocoa and scones. Dunno why my phone is so suspect. Will try Chrome next time, since that’s what I’m using on this computer.

          • Holly Jahangiri

            Hahaha… XYZZY! Wait, where am I?

            You know, I used to do game design for a MMRPG…

          • Holly Jahangiri

            And no, unfortunately, there are not all that many of us. I know a few, though. Verrrrry few.

          • 4a-healthy-bmi


  5. Corinne Rodrigues

    I’m not sure why people are so nonchalant about fake accounts. I get a follower or two every day on Instagram and every time I go to see who else they’re following, I see a list of women in my circle. I proceed to block the very obvious fake profile, but wonder why others don’t do the same. Don’t they realize that all these handsome army officers, doctors and millionaires (!) are fakes?
    Corinne Rodrigues recently posted…Learning To ChooseMy Profile

    • Holly Jahangiri

      I KNOW, right? And then if they do figure it out, they get mad at you if you point out that it’s not “hacking,” just lazy but ridiculously effective social engineering. And try telling them that they are putting YOU and all their friends at risk… oooh, they get livid and block you! Those nonchalant people make me want to create an imposter account just to yank their chains. Unfortunately, there’d be no real challenge in it. (I actually did. I just don’t remember its name, now. I used one of those images from, but I didn’t want Facebook thinking I was seriously trying to scam anyone. Now, like with the Twitterbot I created years ago, I can’t remember where I put the damned thing.)

    • Holly Jahangiri

      Hah, maybe! Then again, no one knows about the fake account (it never tried to friend anyone), and the Twitterbot only retweeted messages from libraries and librarians. Just know that if I WANTED to be evil, I COULD be! (Same yells into the void, half-heartedly.)

      • 4a-healthy-bmi

        I’ve only been corresponding with you for 48 hours or something, and I already have zero doubts you could be Very Evil, if you chose.

        …if that makes you feel any better. LOL
        4a-healthy-bmi recently posted…RIP, 💖My Profile

        • Holly Jahangiri

          Of course it does – always good to know people have faith in me. And it looks like we’ve finally convinced the Bouncer that together, we amount to serious trouble! Your comment went through without heroic interventions!
          Holly Jahangiri recently posted…Use Your Words, Not Your Label-MakerMy Profile

  6. Md:Abdllah Al Mamun

    Thanks for the great content sir. I wll also share with my friends and once again thanks a lot. How do I meet Jesus?

    • Holly Jahangiri

      Keep leaving spam comments like this one, and it’ll happen sooner than you think.

      BTW, I check most links left on this site – yours was outdated. It was a poor fit for this site. I’m not sure what kinds of blogs you normally drop your links on, but this isn’t one of them. You and your URLs are now blacklisted.

  7. Art Skills for Life

    Great blog! Personal safety is very important. My daughter had to fight a stalker and impersonator through the police in two different countries over three years. She does nothing with social media now. Very sad. It has been a horrible experience.
    Art Skills for Life recently posted…A Weekly Challenge … and why it works for me.My Profile

    • Holly Jahangiri

      That is terrible! I am so sorry for what your daughter had been through. 😢 But I’m glad she had worked with law enforcement. Never play with criminals. There’s a big difference between run-of-the-mill trolls and criminals, but always err on the side of caution. Most unpleasant people online will keep their unpleasantness online, but not all.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting! (I’m heading your way after I clean up the kitchen!)
      Holly Jahangiri recently posted…Weight Loss/Gain TrackerMy Profile

  8. Mitch Mitchell

    I’m not connected to a ton of people on Fitbit, but I’m not connected to anyone on Myfitnesspal… and wouldn’t even think about doing it. It’s bad enough I don’t eat properly and know it without sharing it with anyone else! lol With that said, I’ll actually commend Myfitnesspal for saving my life… and I’m serious about that.

    As for passwords and such… we all need to be more responsible and careful with those sites we care a bit more about.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…15 Lessons From 1,500 Blog PostsMy Profile

    • Holly Jahangiri

      Saving your life, eh? Is there a story there?

      I’ve given up logging this week. Thrown in the towel. But I’ve taken photos of most meals and may try, at some point, to fill in the blanks. Other than last night and today at lunch, I’ve not fallen completely off the healthy eating train.

      We should take the time to reset all passwords and consider closing accounts on the sites we don’t care about.

      • Mitch Mitchell

        I think I’ve done a couple of videos telling my story, but it’s been a while since I did. Suffice it to say, I had a very bad two days back in 2014 where I had the lowest low I ever had followed by the highest high the day after. It was at that point I decided to take advice I’d been given by my endocrinologist and downloaded Myfitnesspal to start tracking my food and calories. Definitely life saving!
        Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Titles; The Importance, The Sublime, And The So What…My Profile

  9. Tas

    You mean the 49 miles wasn’t accurate? Lol

    Thanks for the reminder about social engineering.

  10. Paula K Sawicka

    Personal safety really goes unnoticed, especially on social media. Now, more than ever, it’s important to make some things private. I remember one of my friends had been stalked and harassed, and she was forced to move cities.. now I really miss her.

    • Holly Jahangiri

      That’s just tragic. I’m sorry for your friend, and sorry for you that she had to move.

  11. SocialBoosting

    I appreciate you for writing about Personal safety which is very important. My sister had faced some problems. By the way, I am going to share the post on my social media pages to see my friends and followers. Thanks and keep up the good work!


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