I’m in the path of Hurricane Laura. But don’t worry:

  • I’m well inland, an hour and a half’s brisk drive from Galveston;
  • The footlocker is full of canned goods, peanut butter, snacks, and drinking water;
  • If the starter still works, I have a camp stove and propane;
  • We’re not in an area that’s flooded during the past 20+ years’ worth of storms;
  • At worst, we’re expecting some wind damage and hoping it’s just to the back fence (as in Hurricane Ike), since we’re having work done on the side fence later in the week, anyway.

Odds are good we’ll lose power for a while. Hopefully, only for a short while. I think we lost it for a week, after Hurricane Ike. We didn’t lose it at all, throughout Hurricane Harvey. But wind is always an issue, when it comes to power.

Hurricanes sometimes spawn tornadoes. Sometimes, lots of tornadoes. Hurricane Rita did that. The two trees in the featured image, here, used to be one, until a tiny tornado twisted it, snapped its trunk just about a foot above ground, and laid it upright against the fence, about a dozen feet away. We had the stump ground out, but it grew back, anyway. And when it did, it grew two trunks. My husband separated them, while they were still just saplings. They have grown strong and tall, since then.

We need rain. We probably won’t get enough rain. This won’t be another Hurricane Harvey, with widespread flooding.

If you’ve never been through a hurricane, during the summer, when it’s hot enough to melt asphalt, you know there’s one thing even more important than power and air conditioning. Clean water and cold showers.

As long as the shower works, we should be fine.

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