A More Positive Perspective

Hurricane Haiku Two seasons: both hot — One dry, one rain-soaked. Stock up! Hurricanes coming. Parched and potted soil — Dried, shriveled roots — leaves yellowed. Pale. Lifeless. Compost. Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust. Hopes all dry up… Till new life springs forth.

StartFragment Two seasons: both hot —One dry, one rain-soaked. Stock up!Hurricanes coming. Eyeball-munching, glass-Pooping beetles! Dry eye andImagination. :( Acned teens daydreamOf a day old women dread —For skin, smooth and dry. Parched and potted soil —Dried, shriveled roots — leaves yellowed.Pale. Lifeless. Compost. Ashes to ashes,Dust to dust. Hopes all dry up…Till new life springs forth.EndFragment