A More Positive Perspective

New Decade, New Adventures!

F is for Fledglings (and “Fail” in the A to Z Challenge)

A new poem, “The Fledglings,” using last week’s Creative Copy Challenge prompt.

Eclipse 2024

Anticipating the eclipse in Texas!

Airborne and on to Adventures!

Up, up, and away – to Japan! Just in time for cherry blossom season.

Bye, Bye Messenger

Switching to a secure and incredibly feature-rich messaging platform – ditching Facebook Messenger. If they cannot handle their data more securely than this week would indicate, they cannot handle ours.

A Poem a Day or, If Bing is My Copilot, We’re All Gonna Die

Microsoft, your AI isn’t ready for prime-time, and renaming Bing Chat to Copilot is making me afraid to fly.

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Check your email (look in the Spam folder, too), for something with a subject line like, “Activate your Email Subscription to: A More Positive Perspective”. You may have missed a confirmation link. You may wonder, “WHY do I have to click so many @#$% links just to subscribe!?” It’s to keep you safe from malicious people who would try to subscribe you to everything on the Internet and fill up your inbox! (In some places, this double opt-in check is required by law.)

The newsletter is gone. If you don’t know why I had to leave Substack, see Publish Nazi newsletters on your platform, Substack, and you will rightly be damned | John Naughton | The Guardian. Although Substack leadership took token steps to appease the 240+ writers who signed the SAN post, their track record of following through is untrustworthy, in my opinion. They will follow the money, as is their right, and they have chosen to be Nazi apologists, claiming this is all in the name of “free speech.” No, it’s money. I have closed my newsletters and account there, despite Substack’s recent deletion of a couple of newsletters found to have “credible threats of violence.” I believe their action is too little, too late – nothing but a meek attempt to placate the press, at this point.

Some may, but I do not, use words lightly. When I say “Nazi” I mean “Nazi.” A more blanket term would be “fascist.” And I don’t use that one lightly, just to smear those I disagree with, either. Words, especially to a writer, have specific meanings. Language evolves, naturally, but not as quickly as propagandists would like. Let’s just say I oppose anyone – anyone – who would harm, subjugate, or kill others for their immutable traits (things they were born with or literally cannot change, like skin color, sex or gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc.). I oppose anyone would pass laws to rob women of bodily autonomy. I oppose anyone who would pass laws to control the behavior or religious beliefs of others so long as that behavior or belief harms no one and does not advocate for harming anyone. I consider forced or coerced “conversion” to be “harm.” I oppose both terrorism and genocide.  

The First Amendment has already been abridged for public safety and to prevent fraud; the Second can be (and has been in the past), as well. When the justification for bearing arms is no longer just to put food on the table, to protect oneself in one’s own home, or to serve the nation as part of a “well-regulated militia,” it fails to pass scrutiny. When the Second Amendment is valued over the lives of children and people going about their daily lives, to the point where even reasonable measures to prevent gun violence against innocent people – mass murder – is opposed with millions – if not billions – of dollars, it should fail utterly. 

I won’t belabor or discuss these points. Not everything is, nor should be, open for debate. I welcome most discussions, but the above points are not included in what I’d call “legitimate political or social discourse.” 


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