In the book, A New Leaf for Lyle, Lyle “turns over a new leaf.” He’s tired of being known as “Lyle the Liar,” and eager to earn back everyone’s trust. But what does that really mean, to “turn over a new leaf”? The idea of turning over a new leaf doesn’t really mean to flip over a leaf on a tree. The word “leaf” can refer to the paper pages of a book, and the expression originally meant to turn to a fresh, new, blank page – like in a journal or a notebook. It is a metaphor for starting over with good habits or changing your ways for the better. This meaning of “turning over a new leaf” dates back over 400 years, to around the same time Shakespeare was writing the play, Romeo and Juliet!

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There’s a New Book in Town: A New Leaf for Lyle

This is Lyle, daydreaming about being famous. He would probably tell you that he is thinking about his times tables, or how to write a declarative sentence, but the truth is, now that he’s the star of a brand new book, A New Leaf for Lyle, he thinks he’s a celebrity and he’s daydreaming about all the people he’s going to meet.


Boy, is Lyle in for a surprise – come Monday, he’s going to have to go to school!

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